Detroit Lions observations: Rookie Brian Branch is 'nowhere near where I want


I’m starting a Brian Branch fan club.

We’re called the Branch Dividians. Anybody want to join?


I do. I can see the memes now about the Lion’s and the lamb

“No sir, it hasn’t,” the ultra-polite Branch said. “Believe it or not, I have a lot to work on. Just the little things. Like the game last Friday, it’s just the eye discipline and stuff I have to work on. But nah, it’s not as simple. Every day’s a grind.”

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ATF is sponsoring the cookout for the Chiefs game. How generous of those ATF folks.

This guy is a classic. Love his rants and leads to a question. Who is the Den version of this guy?

I have some good game day rants, but I think I’d be kicked out of the country if they were published.

A far more humorous version of Millen era Art Regner.

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Tim Twentyman said Goff had a really sharp practice against the ones. Didn’t mention the branch interception I don’t think…

POD did:

The part where we marvel over Brian Branch again

Branch had the play of the game on Monday’s practice. Jared Goff tried to throw a swing pass to Jahmyr Gibbs, but Branch read it immediately, tipped the pass before it got to Gibbs, and caught his own deflection for what would have been a pick-six.

Branch continues to rep as the team’s first-string nickel defender, with C.J. Gardner-Johnson now the full-time safety next to Kerby Joseph. With the amount of plays he continues to make, I don’t see this lineup changing anytime soon.


I’m 1000% in if you change Dividians to something else. And we get jackets and decoder rings.

I’m a long-time member of the Kevin Glover fan club. What can your cult offer me that I can’t get from Kevin’s Gate?

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That you don’t have to become a eunuch.

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I get to be the Niedermeyer of the Secret Society, right?

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Hmmm… I need to take a better look at the fine print.

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Who else but you?

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I do! I do! I do!!!

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I’ll never forget the Heaven’s cult day. I was touring Cornell’s campus. There was a horizontal white out blizzard and the radio reports of this really weird mass suicide just kept getting weirder by the moment. For whatever reason that’s just one of those days that’s seared into my memory.

I remember the final day of the Waco standoff really well. I was at the tail end of my senior year of high school and because most everyone had basically mailed it in by then and our teachers knew it, they rolled a TV into the gym and a good-sized group of us watched. Crazy.

And of course I’ll never forget the OKC bombing, since I was living within 20 minutes of it at the time.

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What’s that cult that poisoned the kool-aid? I mean other than the Lions for the last 65 years.