Detroit Lions provide some positional clarity on Giovanni Manu, Sione Vaki

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Excellent news regarding Manu!

OL should be the starting give plus Manu, maybe Dan Skipper than a real battle between Sorsdal, Mahagony and the young man who started at ROG V. the 49ers. Glasgow is the b/u center.

Our new RB will push to dress day one as a special teamer. Interesting.


“I think they really like me at tackle, to be honest,” Manu said. “Today was all tackle reps. There haven’t been much discussions at guard. The only time we discussed guard was when I came here in my visit. They asked me if I had played guard before, but other than that, it’s all been tackle. That’s fine with me because I feel comfortable playing left tackle. I think that’s kind of the goal right now is to keep me there.”

Love the pick even more now.


Wouldn’t that be something if he just transitioned into Decker’s role in a year or two? I think some people would have brain kersplosion that the best o-lineman in the league would play RT for his career.


I do think Sewell eventually moves to left and Manu to right. But if Manu shows he’s capable on the left then I’m not against keeping Sewell on the right side. The key is having 2 good tackles. Otherwise teams just move their best d end over your shit tackle.


I can see
Vaki being the return man MOST of the time.

2%-5% of carries on offense

And an emergency Safety for defense

Passing game is where he has the potential to be special.

The catch at the 43 second mark… how many NFL Tabs do you feel good about making that? A half dozen?

And then he’s sturdy as hell. Once he picks up the protection schemes he could be a big time 3rd down weapon.

Vaki…plays fast on the field. Not many want to tackle him. Watch his game against USC. The USC players wanted nothing to do with him. Why? He runs with purpose. Maybe he becomes a Jaylen Warren type?

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For sure. But there are a lot of good, hard runners. The third down profile might be special.

Yesterday definitely provided a little more clarity. The depth chart makes a lot more sense


The best and most important part about this is that Sewell doesn’t care either way. He just wants to bury people. They aren’t paying him like the best LT or RT. They’re just paying him like the best OT.

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Amen to that…

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