Detroit Lions QB Nate Sudfeld feared to have torn ACL, could miss 2023 NFL season

Kind of a moot point. Lions appeared ready to roll with Goff and Bridgewater with Hooker potentially available down the road–if needed.

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Yea but if hes hurt they cant cut him.

Has to be on IR. Or take a settlement. Costing the lions money

Bummer for Nate.

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Is it the “waived-injured” situation where he reverts to IR after no team claims him?

Or are you saying the Lions have to put him on IR? I find the latter hard to believe.

Maybe an opportunity for someone else:

Lance’s arrival almost certainly means that Will Grier, who has been with the team for the past two seasons, will be cut.

Grier was reportedly told before the Cowboys’ final preseason game on Saturday night that he wouldn’t be making the team. He played the entire game in Dallas’ 31-16 win over the Las Vegas Raiders, and went 29-of-35 for 305 yards and threw two touchdowns with Prescott calling plays.

Nate’s goal was to get “hurt” not to get HURT.


Pretty sure Nate was going to miss the 23 season regardless.


If your injured in preseason you HAVE to be put on IR. You can just be cut/ waived.

The only way you can be released is with a settlement. Like Ibrahim just was.

Now he can take a settlement and then be waived then claimed on PS if he clears waivers.

But right now hell have to be on IR and his full contract is owed like Zylstra

Mentioned this in the Trey Lance thread

Sudsfeld getting injured/waived/IR is the best case for all parties unfortunately.

I’m in favor of stacking the QB room to replace him and carry 3 w/Adrian Martinez on PS

Not sure how likely that is though…

Suds seems like a good dude. I feel bad for him. I never want to see a guy hurt regardless of the quality of his play.


Injured reserve him, lets him help in the qb room and heal. Next year he shows he’s healthy and someone will sign him and lions get a comp pick. Or he becomes the next qb coach if brunell becomes a o cord here or somewhere else.

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