Detroit Lions sign Dan Skipper to practice squad, try out 7 other players

Is Skip that much worse than Nelson? Seems like he filled in w/ spot duty last year…definitely a good guy. Rooting for him.

He kinda stunk at guard. I think he needs space.

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Thought he was more Tackle insurance…

Skipper to the rescue!
You gotta love that guy.

At least he knows the playbook.

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No offense to Skipper, but I don’t want to see him play in games. Unless he’s the field goal blocking specialist.

If we need Skipper to play on the O-line, something really bad has happened.

This is Skipper’s 4th stint with the Lions now. Giving me some Andre Fluellen vibes.

At least not at OG:

He had one good game

And it was all downhill from there.

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