Detroit Lions sign free agent LB Jason Cabinda

To PS.

I thought we were a dark horse to make the Super Bowl this year, but this move puts us front and center in the mix. I knew I should have put money down on us a week ago. The odds are probably going to be 2:1 after this roster move.

Thankfully you still have time to bet the over which is currently at 61/2.

I’m confused now. Some media staying he is on the team and other sources stating no. Not sure what is true.

He’s so good that even on the practice squad his impact is felt thru the entire active roster. That’s part of the confusion.

UPDATE: T he Lions** announced their 10-man practice squad and Jason Cabinda is not on it. It appears the previous report was premature. We apologize for the error.

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I already made that bet. They will easily hit that by at least a half a game. :wink:

Side note. The Bears have 10 LB’s on their active roster.

The mission is now complete.