Detroit Lions: The Diaper Dandy's

Happy Father’s Day to all you diaper changing Dads out there!


You can tell it’s acting. Fox would have had his kid house broken by that age. His kid will be walking by the time he’s 3 hours old. House broken by the time he’s 3 days old. Reading at college level after the first 3 months.

FUn/funny video though. Brockers has a “Will Smith” look about him.


Hahaha that is awesome, thank you for sharing that @Cynodon

The Detroit lions media department continues to kill it with awesome stuff!


Bobby Price asked the right question. No wipes? Thats an issue.

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I miss the teammate mashup. That was my favorite.

Love the quickie Ragnow WTF look.

I was just about to post this video after I did some late night Youtube browsing and saw this pop up on my recommendations.
Love these guys, the Sewell-Vatai and Anal Zone (properly named for this exercise)-Goff duos had me cracking up.

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It was fascinating seeing these guys so far away from football. Sewell is a bit of showman with good comic instincts and Vaitai exudes a patient, calming vibe that the entire planet should emulate. It makes me feel good that I excused his injury-marred 2020 season.

And I feel bad for bagging on Michael Brockers declining talents after seeing his human appeal. But not that bad. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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I won’t lie I felt the same. I thought, “this guy is such a professional human being, how could I be so mad at him”.

Good !

Get this sissy shit out of the way before “Hard Knocks” steps in.

Am I doing this right?