Detroit Lions training camp Day 16 observations: Another tough day for Jared Goff The Lions offense continues to go through some early struggles

Looks like McVay knows his x QB alittle more then some said.

I’m not sure a bad practice prior to the second preseason game warrants a victory lap.


Kelly…please stop posting on the Lions message board. Your hubby is now a RAM.


I heard Stafford threw 3 interceptions yesterday at their joint practice so…


Probably was the joint at practice that caused it


Or it’s her sister, you know her, Negative Nancy!! :crazy_face:

And these girls can’t even remember how to post a link?!


Stafford is having a rough go of it as well. He just threw 3 picks in one of their practices.


Meanwhile Justin Fields didn’t throw a single pick on Wednesday… because he didn’t throw a single pass as he has been having some groin issues.

Stick a fork in all of them? Is it time to just eliminate the QB position from football? Clearly no one but Tom Brady can effectively play the position. :crazy_face:

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Sounds like our defense is gonna be amazing.


I’m not going to put too much stock in practice like Iverson would say… “Practice, you’re talking bout practice” haha - But, it’s never a good sign.

I wonder if Stafford is going to play at all in the preseason!?

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Whoa, “Looks like Holmes knows his x QB alittle more then some said.”


Yep, it’s only practice. It doesn’t mean a thing. I wish everyone understood this.


I think it means something, but not much. For example, Stafford would tear it up in preseason for the Lions most camps and how’d that turn out for us!?

Maybe it means the Rams D is elite, none of us were there to see it.

The regular season will tell the true story.

I think it was the joint practice with the Raiders, so maybe the Raiders defense is elite…but I doubt it, Stafford says they were trying some stuff and he made some bad decisions.


Thanks brother, missed the part it was against the Raiders D, which is usually terrible, lol

To me this year is do or die for Gruden, he’s 19-29 in his 3 seasons back in Raider land. If they don’t have a winning record in year 4, can they really keep doing the same thing?

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Hey, where’s Breshad Perriman at…buddy…

Ummmm, what? Hasn’t even put on pads yet?


Who wants the over at 30 passes caught this season?

Here he is.

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Has he played himself off the team?


I ate dinner with Brian Orakpo last night in Austin TX. We were talking pre-season football and specifically Lawrence, Wilson, Lance and Fields. He made two points:

1.) Teams are stupid to run rookie QBs out as Day 1 starters. Said there’s no way to prepare them for what they’ll face in the regular season in terms of speed, aggression and scheme complexity. “Very few Day 1 rookie QB starters ever make it.”
2.) “Preseason is a shell of the regular season. It is played at about 60% of regular season intensity. Don’t get injured. Period. Nothing else matters.”

How long have we based expectations on rosy reports from Lions preseason practices or games based on news from reporters? Then the regular season hits and with it, reality.

Probably a good idea not to jump to conclusions based on reports from preseason games or practices.