Detroit Lions vs Indy Colts in-game thread

I guess I’ll start this.


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Tavai is a good dancer

Lance that Boyle already.


Penei Is a turn style.

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A.J. shows up again.

But yeah he had help sucking on that. LT young man! you need to get your dude. That was weak.

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Sewell aint ready for prime time yet…:roll_eyes:

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Had no clue Kurt Rambis was kicking for the Colts.
Another dual sport athlete.

That’s Crosby at LT, that one was on him.


Sure seems that way.

Yeah he’s as bad as I’ve seen on a NFL team. I can’t see how he makes the team , and he’s gonna be counted on as our #2. Why would anyone do that.

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Yeah, but Sewell’s guy was a split second away from hitting Boyle as well.

Ah, ok. Didn’t see that.

I think he’ll get cut after tonight, bro.

Blough will easily beat him out.
Every time I say his name, I hear LL Cool J lyrics from “Mamma said knock you out”

…“BLOUGH!!! How do ya like me now! The rhythm will not allow!”

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Boyle looking at his hand. He should be glad he still has his head attached. oof.

Ahh well at least he wont remember that sure interception he threw that got dropped on the play before.

JJ got vision.


I’m not even close to saying Sewell isnt going to be any good…hopefully he’ll get better and learn fast, but his pre-season has been rough.

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Wayyy too good of an attitude.
Waaayyyy too much talent.
He’ll be amazing.

Sewell burnt on the screen.