Detroit Lions Week 12 rooting guide: Best results for NFC playoff picture

I already did this!! They stole it from us!!

We also are rooting for Rams to lose every game and all the other 3 win teams to win another game (except when they play us). I don’t think Houston is capable of winning 2 more games.


Houston is still going to suck next year. If they were smart, they’d take Anderson and get their QB with the #1 pick next year, which they will most likely have.

Commanders already won. Browns are driving for the game winning field goal.

Jags are marching down for hopefully a game tying TD with 41 seconds left.

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Jags TD with 12 seconds left.

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They’re gonna call that back…but what a catch and throw

Wow! What an ending to the Jags game. Lawrence has some ice in them veins.

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Marvin Jones still getting it done.

Jags have some nice offensive weapons.

It’ll be a hard fought game next week.

Oh and Justin Tucker, why couldn’t you have done that last year too.

Other than losing to the Bills at the end of the game, this has actually been a good week for the Lions.

Carolina, Cleveland, Jacksonville, all won their games and the Rams are going to get smoked by the Chiefs. I could be wrong but I think that will currently put the Rams pick at #2 overall.

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