Detroit Lions working to re-sign Anthony Pittman

Interesting. Seems like we won’t be drafting any linebackers this year

Not necessarily if theres no guarantee money.

Barns and Rodrego can be moved for cheap and i imagine pittman will be even cheaper

You mean we would trade one of them? The room just seems tight and they cut a 53 guy to keep Nowaske

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Trade cut release what ever it maye. They will all be on the roster this summer. But yea at 53 man cut down time. They could easily draft a LB then move on from Barns/ Rodrego/ Pittman hell even Anzalone would save 800k.

Campbell and JRM are locks.

Pittman isn’t really a LB, he is a core special teamer and a LB if we get desperate with injuries. This doesn’t effect the LB room at all. Just looked, he played 4 defensive snaps last year, lol . . . yea he’s not effecting the LB room.


Makes sense. Good special teamer. Hasn’t missed a game in 3 years. Also terrific jersey number.

See snap counts.

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Can’t wait to have the annual “Pittman is making the 53 man” debate with people who just don’t understand how much this staff values ST play.


I was one of those people last year but know i get it. only way hd doesn’t make the team is if they draft a LB

His LB designation means nothing. The only way he doesn’t make it is if we have core special teams players that emerge this offseason that can both earn ST snaps away from him and ALSO contribute on offense or defense. There’s a chance this occurs, but…

… with Harris, Dorsey and Lucas all being questionable to return, you’re going to have new special-teamers already added from the turnover in the secondary.

JRM and Pitt are locks.


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