Detroit Patriots

BQ and Matty are both lazy. Do something other then taken left overs from Thanksgiving that no one wants.



Guys…Hey fellas…anyone?..He’s not responding!!!

Martyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…I’m not losing another Lions fan…not this way!

We got you Marty…hold on buddy…you will be ok Marty…Marty?..?..?


yeah I’m getting annoyed now all the former NE guys like there’s no OTHER talent anywhere else but GOT TO sign Patriot players. Patriot guys worked under Billy B and Quinn has wet dreams that he was half as good as Belichick.

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sadly the same BS is going on making it still relevant.

Actually, it makes sense. Think Frank Sinatra and New York New York.

If a player can handle/survive/thrive in New England, he should be able to make it anywhere including (or perhaps especially) Detroit.

Yeah, getting players from the most dominant team of the decade, what a horrible idea.

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Yes it is a horrible idea… one that has been PROVEN. Really this is a sick joke.


Yet they don’t want to keep them. Lol.

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That’s true. But we’re missing the keystone: Belichick.
I hope this turns out well. But an archway with no keystone is… is… well… the Lions.

And a lazy take.

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Nice take.

Name one that has been a value for us. It’s a bad idea to think we are a smarter franchise than the best franchise in NFL history. We just won 3 freaking games. Our team has consistently gotten worse each and every year under Quinn. Somehow you still think he’s a savvy GM that cannot be questioned? WTF man.

We have become the Pats minor league system. If they want to release someone, they just call Bob Quinn and he simply takes them off their hands. If they feel one of their guys is not a value and wants too much money, they let them go and Bob Quinn overpays them immediately. (see Flowers getting paid 90 million dollars for production you could get out of a rookie with Parkinson’s). If they like one of our players, they trade for him and give us nothing (van noy) and turn our guy who sucked into a solid starter and leader.

The smart thing to do would be to make constant moves with BAD franchises who have BAD GMs. Making all of your moves with the smartest GM in league history is shit all stupid. Go make more trades with the Giants or Jets or Bears or some franchise that is similar to us and cannot get out of their own way.

Much a’do about nothing.
Shelton was fit and a bargain.
Collins was a need. Air has been pounding the table for a LB capable of covering for the past month. We got one.
Lastly, we traded one older, slower Safety (Wilson) for another vet with better coverage ability.

I get the urge to call them out about it. I cringe a little myself. But at the end of the day, these 3 players do improve the roster.

If there’s a complaint, it’s not that we’re getting them from NE, it’s that they were necessary to get at all. Good teams aren’t really buyers at this time of year, they’re the ones collecting comp picks. We’re so far from comp pick consideration it’s not even funny.


This is the thing I hate most about BQ and MP. They’ve continuously given up value to try to emulate what they were in New England. Reaching in the draft, poor trades and overpaying free agents. Then you bring in MP and he sets rules like he’s Belichick and loses the vets on this team. We continually have no compensatory draft picks which tells me we aren’t losing elite talent and our assets aren’t being managed correctly. Bring in someone that wants to build a football team in his own image and not some other team or guy.

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Good take.

If it gets us to the Super Bowl, I’m fine with the signings… At least these guys know what it takes to get there.