Detroit’s red-hot defense gets up-close look at top pick Bryce Young in Week 5

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So did Carolina fans:

Bottom line: He stinks. Not exactly what you’d expect from the No. 1 overall.

He may improve if they can hire the right staff. . It’s been disaster all year. That owner has no idea what he’s doing. 3 different head coaches in a 12 month period is a recipe for disaster

I was never high on Young myself. But who knows. Tua kinda sucked early in his career too. And Mac Jones had a good rookie year and now he’s terrible. Rookie seasons don’t tell the whole story

Detroits red hot defense…

Remember Old Lady GIF by IFHT Films

That coaching staff is a disaster.

He really wasn’t that bad as a rookie:

And even his sophomore campaign wasn’t bad either:

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