Detroit Vs Kansas City Injury Report

Only ones Listed.

KC - TE Travis Kelse - Questionable - Knee

DET - CB Emmanual Moseley - OUT - Knee

Meaning lions only need to select 5 more players to sit out for Tomorrow

Makes sense. He should be ready to rock vs the Hawks.


He was at least in limited practice all week.
Sounds like thats the plan. Let him rest 10 more day. Get better. And be ready to roll vs the hawks


So 7 players have to sit for the game.
DL Bugs (Illness)
CB Moseley. (knee)

Whose the other 5?
I think

S - Iffy (hammy)
LB - Pittman
DL - Romeo
OL - Sorsdal
WR- Green

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I’d imagine Pittman plays. He was a core special teamer last year, played all 17 games. The rest of your guesses make sense to me .


Sorsdal and Pitman i just cant think of who else if not them?

Pretty sure they have to keep 8 OLine active to be able to keep an extra player


I don’t think Bro-Mart dresses. He looked very raw in the preseason, doesn’t look ready.


We don’t need him since Cominsky pashcal and even Okwara can play inside

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Ok so.

S - Iffy
DL - Martin
DL - Romeo
WR Green
LB - Pittman.

Thats kinda where were at.

No. Romeo plays. I’d say either Dorsey or Gilmore get the inactive since we have tons of Dbs.



You need one more. Moseley and Buggs and 5 more.

And if you take out dorsey, Iffy and Moseley thats only 8 healthy DBs.

Gilly will take that spot.

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I would LOVE to see both Kelse and Jones active for the Lions game. I am tired of this. Either we are good enough to beat them or we are not. I don’t want to read that we beat them because they were missing 2 top players. Bring them on.


No one is crying that were down our WR2 and DB3.

No team is 100%. A W is a W.

According to spring training reports it’s wr5.

Looking at the chart.
B Mart. (Slide Romeo/ Pachael into that spot)

Then im stuck. I dont want to go offense side because its so thin.

But maybe Green or Mitchell?
Maybe romeo or pachael?
Maybe pittman?

Idk. Its tough. good problem to have

We’re out

DL Buggs = Jones
TE Zylstra = Kelce

That’s a wash right there … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then throw in that we’re out WR1 Williams and CB1 Mosely it’s safe to say the Chiefs have a massive talent advantage. So when we beat them you can know deep down that we did it with more talent on the sidelines than they had.

sarcastic sarcasm GIF

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I think Sorsdal is active and BroMart is not. Buggs would have a hissy fit if BroMart is active.

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