Devon Witherspoon has full practice; Jamal Adams is limited

Would like to see Witherspoon out there, especially with rumors that the Lions wanted him at number 6OA. Seattle also has a good history with corners. Hopefully we can light him up a little bit in his first ever action in the NFL.

Hopefully Diggs doesn’t give us problems. Patricia and Quinn are still owed good curb stomps for that trade. Idiots. Patricia is a complete idiot and Quinn is majority idiot. I have to give him a little bit of pass because Ragnow and Taylor Decker are solid pieces to the current engine of this team. So my curb stomp to Quinn only comes in at 90% force.

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How did Spoon play last week? Did he play? I didn’t hear anything good or bad about it.

He didn’t play.

I saw Ben saying that there isn’t much tape on Witherspoon.
No, but, we do have JKirb. They were teammates.