Did anyone else notice…..? 3-4 looks vs Bears-

I’ve been banging the 3-4 drum all season. I know part of why our defense is ranked so poorly is because of success on offense…. That is a very real thing. The only team that could really let off the gas against us was NE…. We could have put 10 more points on the Bears had we not put in subs, and stoped passing by the early 4th quarter.

That said, the talent infusion we see on D in 22’, is more than enough to adequately offset the above mentioned quirk….

Brad Holmes is absolutely STACKING talent, and DC better be considering moving on from AG unless we have a really, really solid defensive showing vs GB….

Josh Paschal- had his coming out party yesterday. He has played 270 snaps coming off injury, and has shown power, instincts, and now has 2 sacks, 4 QB hits, and 2 TFL…. #1 pick Walker has 3.5 sacks and 9 QB hits in 750 snaps!!!

  • fun fact: A Donald, M Garret, and Von Miller all had 1.62- 1.63 ten yard splits at the combine…. Josh Paschal had a freaking 1.57!!! It took awhile to find another 1.57- it was ADRIAN PETERSON!!!

John Cominsky- has 4 sacks and 11 QB hits at 6’5” and 287 pounds. He’s produced that in 510 snaps, and thus 6-7 sacks would have been probable had he not missed 3.5 games and worn a cast all year.

  • fun fact: Commish ran a 4.69 forty at almost 290, and murdered the 3 cone.

Da Problem- so a few sentences above I mentioned Paschal having a 1.57 second 10 td split and matching AP! How about Da Problem having a 10 yd dash and vertical leap comparable to Christian McCaffery at 1.56!!! Houston’s was better than Tj Watt or Brian Burns. Notably better than Justin Fields… makes sense now lol…

Aiden Hutchinson- his 1.61 ten yard is also better than the likes of Von Miller and Garrett, and just a tick slower than Tj Watt who he has 10-15 pounds on. We’ve clearly seen Hutch’s ability to drop and cover with 3 freaking picks.

Alim McNeill- at 6’2” and 330 there aren’t too many who can move like him. He has similar burst scores to Fletcher Cox and Chris Jones at 20 pounds heavier…

——— if you ask me you have five elite level athletes with ideal physical makeup for a 3-4 front.

The Steelers seems to always be good on D, and always reload so seamlessly…

DE- Cam Heyward/ I Loudermilk
NT- Montravious Adams/ T Alualu
DT- Larry Ogunjobi/ D Leal

Edge- Highsmith
ILB- Myles Jack
ILB- Spillane/D Bush
OLB- TJ Watt

I’m sorry but….

DE- Paschal/Commish
NT- Ika/ B Jones
DT- McNeill /I Buggs/Levi O

Edge- Houston/JOK
ILB- J Campbell/Barnes
ILB- AA/Rodrigo
OLB- Hutch/C Harris

J Dean/Jacobs

  • Harris looked just fine as a 3-4 OLB last year and cutting him only saves 4M…. I think Romeo is more out of place standing up and cutting him nets 7.5M

So we cut Brockers, Romeo, and thus save 17.5M-

Sign Adrian Amos and Jamel Dean- though two would easily cost less than 17.5M in year one cap

  • we are a DT, LB, and CB away from being pretty well stacked for a 3-4….
  1. Gonzalez
  2. Bijan Robinson
  3. S Ika
  4. Best RG available
  5. Jack Campbell
  6. QB
  7. K
  8. LB

Then on offense we cut Big V and Cabinda, and use that money for Chark for a 3-4 year deal.


It’s always been a hybrid. When 4-3 matches up better, you’ll see 4-3. When 5-2 matches up better, you’ll see 5-2.
3-4 matched up better when Fields had to throw.


I think that the 3-4 matches up better more often than not.

Commish- 1.67
McNeill- 1.68
Paschal- 1.57

Houston- 1.56
AA- 1.59
Rodrigo- 1.54
Hutch- 1.61

Okudah- 1.6
J Jacobs- 1.64
D Elliot- 1.59
K Joseph- N/A (with 38.5” vertical I assume it’s good)

Iffy- 1.48!!!
AO- 1.63
M Hughes- 1.58
Derrick Barnes- 1.7
I Buggs- 1.79
Benito Jones- 1.8

I don’t think we lose any speed or coverage ability putting the 3-4 out there. We may give up a big pass play, but I’d rather do that than see 200 rushing yards.

We rush the passer well on 3rd and long…. I think if we put a stout front 7 out there, and get after on 3rd down. We may allow 1-2 big plays, but we will also force more
Punts against good teams.

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I personally wish that they would play a 4-3-4 instead of they 4-2-5 that they play. Opposition run yardage would be reduced with the extra LB.

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Yeah i noticed it and mentioned in a thread new wrinkle. They used it maybe 15 snap with Alim, Buggs and Pachal with Houston and Hutch as the outside rushers. They got pressure every snap

That sounds good until you think about who that extra LB is going to be. We aren’t exactly talent laden at the position. We need to get more talent at the LB spot.


The fact that Commish can rotate in with Paschal, and Benito with Biggs at NT… and JOK with Houston as a pure rusher, and even C Harris with Hutch as he played decent in space standing up last year. We have a nice depth chart for the 3-4 right now.

That said…the 4-3 can work, but I don’t like it as much.

Consider Rodrigo, Houston, Paschal, AA, and Hutch have sub 1.61 burst scores on the 10 yard split.

We’ve got CBs at 1.63 and 1.64….

If we had Phillys DBs it would be one thing.

Rodrigo, AA, Houston, and Hutch is a quick group of big men….


Steelers are 10th in points against, but trending up big time the last 6 weeks.


Heyward- 6’5” 295 (9 sacks)
M Adams- 6’4” 305 (0 sacks)
Ogunjobi- 6’3” 305 (1 sack)

  • reserves: C Wormley 6’5” 290 and D Leal 6’4’ 290
    they combined for 1 sack……


Highsmith- 6’4” 242 (12 sacks)
Tj Watt- 6’4” 252 (5 sacks in 9 games)

  • reserves M Reed 6’2” 235 and Jamie Jones 6’3” 252
    they combined for no sacks.


Myles Jack- 6’1” 244 (0 sacks)
D Bush- 5’11” 235 (0 sacks)

  • reserves Robert Spillane 6’1” 229 (1 sack)

  • combined for 34 sacks….

They are more talented in the secondary and have 18 total interceptions.

Lions - 37 sacks.


Commish- 6’5” 290 (4 sacks)
A McNeill- 6’2” 330 (1 sack)
I Buggs- 6’3” 310 (1 sack)

  • reserves- B Jones 6’1” 320 and J Paschal 6’3” 280 and they combined for 4 sacks


Hutch- 6’6” 268 (7.5 sacks)
Da Problem- 6’1” 244 (8 sacks)

  • Reserves- C Harris 6’3” 250 and Julian Okwara 6’4” and 250 combined for 3 sacks


AA- 6’3” 237 (1.5 sacks)
Rodrigo- 5’11” 225 (1 sack)

  • reserves- D Barnes 6’0” 240 with 1 sack

Our DBs are pretty rag tag and have combined for only 11 ints….

  • now take Brockers and Romeo money and pay Jamel Dean and Sheldon Rankins….

Draft Christian Gonzalez and JL Skinner

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