Did anyone hear Booger's Lions references on MNF?

Did anyone else hear Booger McFarland make several Detroit Lions references during the Monday Night Football game? Maybe we were just on his brain because he’s getting ready to do one of our games. But he mentioned several times about our man defense. One was something like “unless you are a team like the Detroit Lions, you can’t really man up on that play.” I can’t remember the exact situation, but it was basically saying other teams need to play zone while we are good enough to go man in that spot. Then the other comments talked about how much we play man (and he mentioned 2 other teams), and how much better we are at it.

Did anyone else catch this?

That man defense will be even better when Slay returns to the lineup.

Few teams have the personal to play man effectively. We’re lucky to be one of those teams. From what I understand, it’s much harder to scheme against it. To answer the OP, yes, I noticed his comments also.

I have to not we are not lucky brother… this was intentful by BQ and MP…

This was part of the plan baby!!


I heard it.

It’s a great thing to have, but will be even better when the DL gets it’s crap together. Playing man effectively should, after all, help you get sacks and turnovers. Hopefully we see that at Lambeau.