Did we just get another S in Pashon Gibson?

heard this on YouTube this morning Sunday 5/26/24

I think you mean Taushan Gipson.
I don’t see anything anywhere that he signed though.

Zero news out there as of now about him signing any where

A lot of the stuff on Youtube are just people’s opinions. It’s usually about players THEY want the Lions to sign, not who they have actually signed. I think we are more than good at Safety IMO.



All i see is a few “experts” saying that the lions SHOULD add him. Not that they have.

Just opinion pieces no actual info that the lions are even looking at him

I would say MOST of the stuff on Youtube is opinions. You have a lot of Lions channels and there really isn’t much to talk about so they just make up a fictional trade/FA get/etc to have something to talk about.


Just watched the Lions vs Titans game 2024

Where’s Derrick Henry is he injured?

Where’s Eddie George is he hurt too ??


Ice Cube Reaction GIF

Still effective in 2023.