Didn't see Greg Zuerlin signed right before the deadline

2yrs, $4.2M/yr from the lowly Jets. A bargain for a proven kicker of his caliber.

Best PK left on the market is Nick Folk, who is basically a toss-up between Badgley and whatever other practice squad-level guys you could bring in.

I give Holmes an F for not communicating interest prior to FA

Zurlein will be 37 and resigned with his own team. Which means he wasn’t really “on the market.” He signed back to back 1 year deals with the Jets and now they have rewarded him with a 2 year $8.4M deal to probably close out his career there.


He’s played for half the teams in the league and didn’t resign until an hour before FA. Surely he would’ve preferred to finish his career making $10M over 2yrs with a super bowl contender, if so asked.

He has only played for 3 teams.

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And not us next yr. Awesome.

You give Holmes an F for…not tampering with a player and possibly getting fined/losing draft picks for a 37 year old kicker? Okay dude.

I give blueadams an F-

I give @Davicus an A+…… :grinning:

Dont pretend to he THAT naive and stupid, please

You literally said you give Brad Holmes “an F for not communicating interest prior to FA”.

What else could you possibly mean? Communicating interest in a player before FA is a tampering violation.

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