Dissly to Chargers


Even team trying to cut cap is singing players.

It’s so odd that the teams making multiple moves are teams that win 5-7 games other than the Packers. I guess the chargers are a little different knowing Herbert missed the last 3rd of the season and they picked up Harbaugh.

Jimmy H loves his TEs

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Good signing
lil more than Brock Wright $

As Daniel Jeremiah just said; "Chargers will be physical, physical, physical and, wait for it, PHYSICAL.
OL and TE with Hebert going to be fun to watch.

What song are they singing?



Hail to the conquering …

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Don’t be a dick

We have all typed too fast or had auto-correct impact us.

It was meant in humor, learn to laugh it isn’t anything serious or personal.

Dont like people picking on me. Im out enjoy the offseason

It’s a message board, taking any of it to heart has a smell of self importance. Relax.


I take everything to the heart.

Hey buddy, im ALL for singing the Victors. Im on your side

man-if I had taken all the things that was ever said about me or my threads to heart, I would have been gone and done for good decades ago…let it slide off your shoulder man, then it becomes history and a non-factor.

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