DJ Chark thrilled to play with Justin Herbert after signing with Chargers


Sounds like he’s throwing some shade Jared Goff’s way.
I get being unimpressed with rookie QB Bryce Young last season.
I get his playing with a cast of thousands at QB for the Jags from 2018-2020.
I get that Chark only played 4 games in 2021 and maybe he wasn’t too impressed with then rookie QB Trevor Lawrence.

Chark had a HORRIBLE drop rate here in Detroit. Aint Goffs fault hes got butter fingers.

I read it as a slam on Young.

CBS has a way to early 2025 draft prediction out. They have Carolina picking a QB 1st overall. I know it doesn’t mean squat, but just that one pundit sees Young as a bust.

Lol, dude it took them about 10 games with his injury also to get on the same page. Chark and Goff on the same page were a big part of that 8-10 finish. That stat is as missing leading as can be. Does people actually watch any more ?

Not seeing anything about Goff here, not sure how you throw shad without ever mentioning someone, he was just raving over his new QB.

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I just read that as him complimenting Herbert. Chark seems like a good guy. I’m hoping he can do enough to win a multi year contract somewhere.


He’ll be 28 in Sept, I think his best shot at a multi year deal is to get extended from the Chargers. I wasn’t sad to see him go but would have gladly welcomed him back after a healthy season last year, although I was told that missing a game for an elbow injury was not professional.

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“Playing with a guy like that — I’ve played with many QBs in my career, so being able to play with an elite guy is definitely something that I’m excited to do.”

The implication being that he hasn’t previously played with an elite QB.

He didn’t say that , he just said being able to play with a elite QB can make him better like any player. He didn’t say it to throw shad at Goff he wasn’t even thinking of Goff. He seems excited about getting another chance with a good QB. And other then Goff he hasn’t had the best QBs. Lawrence was a rookie. Then Young also.

Not just a “good” QB, but someone he referred to as “Top 5” and “elite.” Apparently, he doesn’t view Goff at that level.

Now, maybe that’s fair given that Chark only played a handful of games with Goff in 2022 and didn’t get to see Goff’s further improvement in 2023. In other words, Goff’s in that conversation after 2023, but not after 2022.

People in Detroit think more of Goff then the rest of the league, elite means different things to different people. He threw some shad to the Rookies but I don’t think he was even thinking about Goff in his statement. Goff is elite here with this team and that’s what counts for us.

Chark thrilled to have a job after signing with Chargers


Chark thrilled at the idea of rehabbing his next IR stint in sunny California


And I am here thrilled he signed somewhere else. Everybody’s happy!!!

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This. He is complimenting the QB that he is about to play with. That’s being a good professional. Complimenting someone doesn’t equal shade towards others. Good attitude by Chark. Nothing to do with Goff. All good.

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“DJ Chark thrilled to play with Justin Herbert”

Does his wife know about this?

He was so over rated.
Only a 55% career catch rate
5%+ drop rate.
And 45% success rate

Thats not good.

at least it closes all the getting Chark back to Detroit -stuff ,good riddance.