Dmont and the St. Brown bros

Get to know Monty more. Good stuff.


Dmo’s eyes getting big when St Brown talks about how big Q Walker is from GB, LOL.

For whoever poured that beer on me, will see you later.
If it was a female, we have someone who will meet you…


Haha, yeah watch out for them Detroit girls.

Just watched most of it. Good Stuff!

Love how they are talking about Jamo and Gibbs

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Yeah, Monty isn’t a big spotlight guy. Fun to see him being himself.

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Man I’m salivating…for what this offense could be. Jamo please be the real deal. Be a consistent deep threat…Seems like all his teammates like him.

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Great, great pod. And I’m sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I was a hair disappointed when they were talking about speed on the team (Jamo and Gibbs), nobody brought up Kalif. The guy just gets no love haha

But really good listen if you invest the time.


I had a very similar thought as well when watching it. When they’re discussing speed with Jamo and ARSB says something like (non-verbatim), “man when he hits that stride it’s like 4 yards a stride.”

That’s Randy Moss strides. Randy obviously - at this point and probably forever - has better hands. But he was also taller like Jamo and that stride was ridiculous.

3-4 yards a stride is just stupid ■■■■■■■ scary. Probably shouldn’t even be allowed in the NFL it’s so ridiculously unfair. Fortunately for the Lions, it is legal and allowed.

Stride, young man, stride.

D-Mo is a character, the brothers tag teamed him at times, and I think he did get annoyed. But… He kept his his head down, legs stayed churning, and ultimately averaged 3.8yds per on 32 carries!

Leaf in the open field is a dangerous, he isnt Jamo or gibbs but he has straight line speed to spare.

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Super funny podcast. Watching them pick his every word apart like buds do. All in good fun. Glad I watched

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Yeah it sounds like a difference maker. Curious to see the Lions playbook when he finally gets on the field.

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For Monty growing up where he did to make it all the way through to an eagle scout is quite amazing. It tells me he is his own man despite all the outside influences. I wish we had one more RB just like him.

Yup! I don’t know much about eagle scouts but he wasn’t going to let anybody diss or make fun of something that probably helped him grow up or just take comfort from his upbringing at times. He owned it and gave it respect.

It was pretty interesting the way he described his early relationship to football in the same way as being a place he could just “have fun” as if it was a break from reality and when he eventually realized he was good enough to maybe make a profession out of it. Then how things unfolded in college for him, giving props to the guy that was in front of him. Even how the player that inspired him the most was a HS player (the st-brown bros gave him a lot of shit about that vs stating some pro player ;)).

Props to the st-brown bros for asking good questions and letting these guys show their personalities through thoughtful responses without time constraints. It’s a nice change vs the same old boring, scripted and short media interviews.

I’d love to coach this roster. Their maturity is off the charts. They have a nice balance of seriousness and practicality with an appreciation of the situation they are now in. Props to Brad and Dan for assembling the core of this team without wavering from that single character focus.

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