Do the Dolphins have another trick up their sleeve?

The Dolphins and GM Chris Grier have been very active in trading players and picks in recent years.
Grier has shown some willingness to make moves that are not often seen in the NFL.

Does he have another plan?


This might be a little crazy… but what if Grier made to the trade up to #6 overall because he has a plan to make another big trade?

This could be just another smokescreen… or even a random rumor.

But… what if?

What if Grier had discussions with the WFT? The Eagles likely wouldn’t have traded with the WFT since they are in the same division, but Grier could know what WFT is willing to give up for a QB.

What if the Dolphins end up getting something like the #19 pick from WFT, plus their 2nd rounder, and a 2022 1st rounder… for the #6 pick?.. or perhaps more?

The Dolphins have been stockpiling picks successfully for a few years now… so maybe Grier plans to keep that strategy and trade down. It seems like that would be a “gamble” since that trade was made prior to the draft… but… In the worst case scenario… Grier can take a top talent at #6 and still have an extra 1st rounder in his back pocket from the 49ers trade.

Maybe a long shot… but is it possible?

I see this rumor as just BS journalism.

They paid a 1st to move up 6 spots. They didn’t do that for a no reason. They have a plan and a target.

Sure they would consider a trade if someone offered them a block buster deal.

However many news articles took this report by Rap and turned it into MIA wanting to trade down. Which is far from accurate.

Any good GM is going to listen to offers. Accept maybe BQ.

The Fins look to be in a great spot. They’ll either have the player they want available or there will be a QB sitting there for other teams to target and trade up for.

Presuming they moved back up targeting a couple players in the first place.

Here is the real question.

MIA traded a 1st to get in front of the Lions

They are fielding calls from teams who want to get in front of the Lions.

Who are these teams targeting that they feel the Lions might take?

Or are they just placing feelers to see what it’s going to take to move up in case a QB falls?

Grier does seem to be a deal maker. Sometimes that helps generate talk.

Probably, the Fins seem to exist to screw up our offseason plans.

Since they did it so far in advance of the draft without knowing who would be there, I don’t think they had a specific target. And if they did, that’s an odd move. I think they saw a series of trades that they generally liked the look of and the general positioning it would put them into relative to cost. And yes, I do believe part of their calculation was the idea that either one of the guys they like would be there or they would have some trade down options. In summary, I think they grouped the trades together and thought of it as moving down from 3 to 6 for a 1st and a 3rd. I don’t think they gave a ton of thought to the 12 to 6 move like fans are doing. Just the general idea that the guys they were looking at with 3 might be there at 6.

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I don’t see them moving to 19 with WFT. They have 18. I think they moved up to 6 for their pick of the WR’s, Sewell, or Parsons. Which is probably where they were at 3 - they now get the same player with more picks. The only thing arguing against Parsons is that their second first rounder at 18 is a sweet spot for the second LB.

That’s an excellent point. Any move that puts them close to their other pick probably isn’t going to happen.

This is exactly my thought. They didn’t “give up a first to get to 6” they did a 3 way trade to move back 3 spots. They certainly can move again.

I did a quick search of their “needs”… and


Knowing that Flores came feom New England, where they didn’t typically place a huge emphasis on high paid players at any of those positions… and that defensive system does place value on large LBs… it could be possible that Miami would feel it is better “value” to move back and take Zaven Collins and Najee Harris. :thinking:

I know… this is hard to say that was the plan… but the WFT trade up angle just made me wonder.

That or maybe subterfuge from them or another. Most likely you’re correct as we seen ourselves from wojo a few weeks ago.

I think Flores likely sees Jerod Mayo when he looks at Parsons.

Would Mayo have been drafted so high if it wasn’t to Kraft?


Miami needs to chill out… and relax.

Just pick a spot and stay in line!

I know for sure he would have been drafted at 15. In fact, the whole league knew it because Marinelli virtually announced it to the world.

If they felt that way philosophically they would have just stayed at 12.

Sorry. Bad joke. Worse Mayo.

Daggummit, you got me. The Bobby Brown/Houston pun was brilliant, by the way.

Sorry Wes but this makes little sense to me.

You make the Dolphins seem like fools that made a trade with little effort or thought behind it.

Mia has been one of the smarter teams at managing the draft in recent years. I give them far more credit for smarts than you do apparently.

Bottom line is they paid a 1st to move up 6 spots. I don’t believe they make that trade without giving it some serious thought on who would be there.

Clearly they had to feel that someone they liked would be available. Likely they had 2-3 players they felt were worthy of making such a trade for and wanted to get in front of DET to ensure they got one of those targets.

DET has openly expressed interest in trading down. So the Lions are either looking for value or figure the best options will likely be gone. Maybe both.

Teams are reportedly trying to trade up to get in front of DET just like MIA did.

What this all says to me is that NFL teams figure the top tier of players will be gone by pick 7. So if they want one of them they will need to get to 6OA or higher to do so.

If 3 or 4 QB’s go in the top 6 then that means teams like MIA are seeing just 2-3 (non QB) players as a cut above the rest.

So this begs the question. Who are these players?

With the rumors that the Lions and MIA have expressed a lot of interest in Parsons I have to think one of those players is Parsons.

We also know that Mia and DET have both met with Sewell more than once. Which makes me think Sewell is one as well.

The Lions have also been to every QB’s pro days too.

Obviously these all could be smoke screens.

I am honestly starting to think the skill positions like WR and TE might not go as high (top 7) as people think. Maybe one will.

I am wondering are these teams positioning themselves for Parsons, a QB and Sewell? … I think they probably are.