Do the Lions need Safety help? The so-called experts think so

The Lions traded away a young, veteran, probowl, leader in Diggs due to cultural fit. Now most experts think the Lions need a safety. I know BQ and MP tried to sell the fans that Harris was the future. So do you think Harris is the answer or do the Lions really need a Safety?

Here is what the media analysts are saying.

After his rookie year I’d say Harris is best negated to be a depth piece.

With Wilson hitting FA and Harris struggling I’d say safety is a need. But I do expect the lions to either resign Wilson or to bring in another veteran safety. Possibly a guy like NE safety Devin McCourty.

But I just don’t see us targeting a safety early in this draft. I do think that this draft does offer some decent safety depth and I could see ya adding depth Possibly in rounds 5-6.

What do you think?


Grant Delpit, once e trade down to with Miami for numbers five and 18. We take Jeffrey Okudah and Grant Delpit.

I’m not all that big on a safety who is known for missing tackles. Kid has the athleticism but a safety can’t be a poor tackler.

He missed over a 25% of his tackles this year and 19.8% in 2018. … I’ll pass.

I like him. If he is willing, he can learn.

Agreed. McKinney is solid at everything, but not great at anything, more in the mold of a SS. If we were going to take a Safety, think I’d be focusing on more of a FS, Jordan Fuller OSU or Antoine Winfield Jr. While a playmaker/ballhawk on the backside, my concern with Winfield is the injury history and I think he goes in round 2 or 3, in my opinion too early to gamble.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coach that could coach, and scheme to fit personnel?
Diggs is doing a fine job in Seattle.
Two stupid, costly, midseason trades in a row.
I don’t think it matters. Unless we have the perfect fit in every position, Patricia can’t make it work, apparently.

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Tackling can be taught I guess. He has the intangibles that I think are most important and that is range and instincts. But he hasn’t improved his tackling. It’s gotten worse to be honest. That is a real red flag in my book.

We need a rangy free safety. My guess is we’ll get what we need in FA

Ashtyn Davis is my favorite rangy safety, former track star walked on to the football team and turned himself into a player. Jeremy Chinn is intriguing too, he’s a unit.

Personally, I like Walker and Harris. They are almost identical. Both are long rangy interchangeable safeties that like to hit and were both selected in the 3rd round.

Walker: 6’1", 206lbs, 4.5 40, 33 in vertical
Harris: 6’1", 207lbs, 4.4 40, 36 in vertical

Tracy Walker:


Long-armed safety with adequate range over the top
Opportunistic when he gets his shot
Has eight career interceptions
Uses length and leaping ability as disruptive tools to challenge catches
Forceful hitter in the open field whose frame should be able to accommodate more size
Won't turn down opportunities to send a message
Good feel for run fits near line of scrimmage
Leverages ball carriers against sideline with patient, angled pursuit
Quick to punch and separate to stay clean as tackler


Missing instincts to stay a step ahead in coverage
Needs to see it
Takes time to build up speed out of transitions
Slow to open and sprint when challenged over the top
Hips are tight and won't swing open freely
Lacks agility for quick recoveries when he steps out of position
Step slow to diagnose and trigger against the run from high safety
Will need additional play strength for next level
Hits and slides as a tackler

Sources Tell Us

“He’s really long and has some cover talent. He’s better off being hugged up with run support or in coverage. I’d like to see him get some reps as a press corner to see how he handles it.” – AFC team Southeast region scout

Will Harris:


Comes from football bloodlines and possesses good size and length
Potentially interchangeable at either safety spot
Tough guy willing to fly around the field
Size and cover talent to line up over tight ends
Rarely lost in coverage
Hearty hitter when greeting pass catchers
Hustles from opposite hash to offer tackle support
Quick trigger into the alleys
Tackles with good positioning and body control
Collected six fumble recoveries over last two seasons
Offers immediate coverage talent on special teams


Lacks instincts and closing skill to disrupt in coverage
Guards grass rather than shading his coverage
Waits to see it rather than feel it from zone
Will get caught flat-footed at times
Drive from transitions gets stuck in neutral
Very modest ball career ball production
Inconsistent feel for pursuit angles allow additional yardage
Lacks tone-setting power in run support
Will catch running backs rather than running through them
Slow to punch and play off blocks

Sources Tell Us

“He’s going to be drafted as a backup and he’ll be solid for a couple of years and then you are going to look up and he’s going to be starting for you. He’s a solid football player.” – Former area scout for NFC team


I definitely don’t want Harris as our FS. That’s a disaster. Maybe SS though. Walker works best as our man - cover guy on TEs and the big nickel. I think he can play some FS for sure, he’s fluid, but I think we need a guy whose best feature is his FS play in single high.

I haven’t seen Ashtyn Davis yet. I haven’t really seen a FS yet actually. Delpit maybe? But I don’t know they can justify taking him in the 2nd. And they like tacklers, which he struggles with at times. My guess is they get a vet in FA.

Will Harris was a 3 year starter and couldn’t cover in the ACC.

Everyone kept saying he was here to take Diggs snaps and he was drafted to replace Tavon Wilson as the linebacker/safety spot.

They still need Diggs replacement

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We’ll get him in the 5th.
Smdh! Seattle gets a starter, we get a 5th round pick…and Quinn still has a job.


Wasnt that supposedly the entire sell on Walker? He had long arms?

I expect BQ to draft a probowl safety in round 5. Anything less is unacceptable.


A pro bowl safety who was also the ONLY leader type on the entire roster. The rest of the highly paid talented guys, have never been leaders (slay, stafford, flowers). Diggs was a leader. Something this team has lacked for the most part for the last several decades.

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MP doesn’t want leaders. He wants followers and yes men.


Someone did some research a while back that almost every player that BQ drafted, were in some kind of leadership role (captain of the defense/offense/special teams/team) Maybe we have too many leaders and not enough followers? lol!