Do the Lions need to move outside?

Just curious what people think. Only a few teams have ever won a Super Bowl that played in a dome. Lions always seem to have more injuries than most—maybe turf vs grass? Most “cold” weather teams don’t have a dome. Why do we?

Maybe ownership figures if we give them a crappy product on the field, at least they won’t be cold?

Just don’t get why we decide to have an indoor stadium. 2 of the other teams in our division play outside. Not much of a road disadvantage for warm weather teams coming into Ford Field is it?


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Outside the NFL? Well, it’s a thought.


I have always wondered why the Lions play in a dome. I have great memories attending games @ the Silverdome and @ Ford field. But, you are right, we have no real advantage. In fact, it might hurt us when we have to go play in cold/wet.windy conditions in Chicago and GB. The only reason for a dome would be crowd noise that I can think of. But when the team sucks, crowd noise doesn’t matter much. lol

At least they could have built a retractable roof and decided when to open it or not depending on when it helped give us an advantage.

I firmly believe we’d have won a championship in nfl Europe :joy:


Hire a good general manager and great coaches and it won’t matter where you play.

Lol, if the NFL had relegation, we’d be championship league legends.


Haha yes I think that would have been perfect for us playing against a bunch of dudes that couldn’t make an nfl roster. The Lions would also do well in the Canadian league.

Well, after Kurt Warner left anyway.

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I really think they need to just move, and change their name.
Not that I’m pissed that their having the 40th losing season in my lifetime.
It’s the reputation. This is where headcoaches come to die. This is where aging players come to squeak out a few last paychecks when they’re washed up. Our 3 biggest stars, quit…and we know of many of our drafted players couldn’t wait to get out of here.
I don’t know how you fix that?

No simple fix. Ownership and Leadership matters most, and that’s been the Lions main problem IMO. I’m hopeful that Holmes, Dorsey, Speilman and MC/DC can change that. They have one of the hardest jobs a man could take on.

I think they could be competitive in the MAC, but Western Michigan would be a tough out for the Lions.


lol, what if the Lions were actually in the Big 10 this year? I think we could at least have a winning season, maybe 6-5ish, maybe a meaningless bowl game, ha ha

Bears are moving inside soon (thank Gawd).
I think we should stay inside. Why, you ask? Because I don’t want to sit in the snow and watch football.

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I think we could be competitive in the CFL.

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The 3 downs would really confuse the players, coaches, but we got Sam Martin! Punters are very important in 3 down football, lol

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In a effort to cut costs Sheila sold the team plane and they released the entire ST’s unit.
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I think the dome is for the comfort of the fans. A bad team seems miserable if you’re watching them while sitting in a cold, snowy, rainy, windy open stadium. Probably wouldn’t sell as many tickets.

bears were citing making more money from non-football events too. Concerts and things like that can bring a lot of revenue

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Good point. I didn’t even think about that.

Sam Martin? SAM MARTIN??? Are you going to stand for this, @BigNatty ?