Do the Lions sign a player from KC to get intel or not?

Just wondering if you think that the Lions would do that. Do you think KC would do the same?

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If we did they already cut a couple RB’s that would be of interest.

Why would they? There is more then enough game film out there to see what they do and how they do it.

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The art of war… I guess.


We will have them as frazzled as a cat chasing a laser pointer.

They’re screwed

You guys do realize that for the most part the teams know the plays and routes pre-snap. Based on where guys line up they can pretty much deduce what is coming, where, and why.
The NFL is all about the ability to out execute the other team. It is really that simple.

First you must have a team that can execute plays and game strategy. Once you have that you then will rely on the individual player talent.

Since I have been watching the Lions they have relied almost solely on individual players winning the games and not overall team execution. This is why they can never win.

The best teams rely on team execution first and individual player talent next.

Which is why @BigNatty is 100% correct (IMO) when he discusses the importance of team energy and attitude. The best squads execute and have great energy.

I love what the Lions have done. They have built a team based on attitude and energy and execution. They have then also added talent. But the first 3 components are the most important because without them you can not win consistently.


Only if it’s a position of need.
I wonder if they have a kicker available?

At this point I’d be interested in seeing if Eddie Murray wanted to come out of retirement.

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Wasn’t RB Hellaire released?

This was a rumor I read but have not seen anything solid.

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Yeah… I was just trying to show how desperate I am.

I don’t know about Murray, but, I’m sure Hanson has a couple more seasons in him. He just got bored.

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Even if you told them what one of 3 plays you might run at snap they still have to stop it. Teams run a lot same plays its what they might do after they show same play an run off that play look.
Its like even baseball you can tell batter what’s coming they still need to hit it.

I think overall its not that valuable

Trade Houston for Chris Jones.

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wait a minute…Jones is a true DT,hehehehehe

I am a buy on this trade…send them Houston and Jamo LOL

It really doesn’t matter. Sure go pick up some scrub that gets cut from the KC offense. What’s he going to do tell the Lions coaches Andy Reid’s 40 years of coaching secrets!?

Maybe the player we claim can help AG stop Mahomes!? Yea no chance of that.

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