Do we have any viable trade assets?

Lets look at a position-by-position breakdown:

QB: move on
RB: Craig wouldn’t get much, move on
OL: We’re not trading a starter on the OL and our subs are not in demand, move on
WR: Possible Josh Reynolds, one year left on his contract? DPJ? I would only see a 7th rounder for either – not worth it. Move on.
DL: Not Alim. Romeo and Harris are FA’s. Levi? not much demand… 7th at most… Move on.
DB: Our corners, no way we’d get anything valuable. S? Tracy? Be lucky if we get a 7th. Move on.
LB: This is the one spot that might work. AA is not going anywhere given his age. Campbell could blossom into a star. JRM and MRod are fantastic cheap depth and ST mavens.

Looking at you Derrick Barnes. A year left. Could be of interest. Can we get a 3rd for him? Should we? I think he’s probably our only tradeable asset, but then I ask - why? Especially if this draft is on the weaker side when you get to the third or 4th round.

I think trades are off the table. They’re hard to execture in today’s game. This year is probably no exception.

Does anyone see it differently?

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Jamo is probably the best candidate for trade. I’m not sure that he works with a Jared Goff, but I think he would be dynamite for other teams. He’s exactly what Patrick Mahomes needs for example. I really don’t want to trade him though.


Why would we be trading anyone out? This team needs talent added, not removed, and there’s no contract issues or bad apples that need moved.

Also, Josh and DPJ are both FAs.


Interesting. I really did not consider him, because i still have hope that he emerges in year 3. But you’re right in that he would have value. It would be a ballsy move for sure. I wouldn’t take a second rounder though. Might have to be for a player. Sign and trade Chris Jones and a first for Jamo? Something to at least think about.

Just going through the exercise. I ended up where you are. My mistake on Josh and DPJ, I thought we signed Josh for two years.

Sometimes, draft position matters a lot.

In 2016, Rd 2, No. 37 overall, the Chiefs drafted DT Chris Jones.

In 2016, Rd 2, No 46 overall, the Lions draft DT A’Shawn Robinson.

Only 9 spots difference, but big difference in the qualify of player available.

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Josh and DPJ are free agents so nothing there.

Tracy Walker would cost an acquiring team $8m. Not happening.

Barnes is interesting, Holmes has already cashed in on Hock, Swift and Okudah a year before losing them to free agency, although they were all Bob Quinn holdovers. If Holmes decides he’s unlikely to extend Barnes then he might try and trade him and lean more on Campbell, Rodriguez and JRM (assuming he is re-signed) but overall it feels kind of pointless.

Holmes could get a haul for Sewell, St Brown, LaPorta, Gibbs and Hutch, I’m talking 10-15 1sts and 10-15 day two picks. Imagine!

(I’m not advocating at all that Holmes trade any of those guys, but they are viable trade assets for sure).


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Couldn’t resist brother! LOL.


Trades are off the table. Just not enough there.

Josh and DPJ are both free agents at this point. Josh has more value to us than probably any other team in the league.

The only position group with depth enough to trade from is LB. (And I don’t think they’re trading Barnes unless he requests it.)

Even the Edge guys were converted to 1-year deals last year, so both Okwaras and Harris are all free agents.

If I was GM of a rival team, I would try to pick Houston off the Lions dirt cheap. Assuming he passed the trade physical I would give him and the doctors green lighted him.

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Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes, Ben Johnson. Their value will never be higher, time is now to trade for maximum beanz!

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Tracy walker might be a guy , a safety needy team might give up a late Rder for. The Full back might bring a late Rder for some one looking for a blocker and special teams guy.

Barnes may be the only tradeable commodity that makes any sense.


Barnes will be a FA after the 2024 season and he may be an asset that we choose not to pay because of other mouths to feed. In that case we may get some return via compensatory picks.

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The comp pick could potentially be worth more than what they could get for him.

Barnes doesn’t have enough value to trade, IMO. We are talking about a 6th rounder at best.

Maybe Rodrigo, but once again you are talking a little 6th/7th rounder.

I honestly don’t see any of these guys being shipped out of here.

The only dark horse is James Houston. The staff just doesn’t seem very high on him, at least from my perspective. I could see a team offering a 4th, betting on his upside. I personally wouldn’t do it, as he has an intriguing skillset with a ton of potential.

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I’ll call my shot here, if you can trade Jamo for Derrick Brown, I think you have to take a long, hard look at that. I keep hearing what a deep WR draft this is, pairing Young with Jamo makes a lot of sense to get things right on one side of the ball for them. Adding Brown to the defensive line is a potential game changer with the ability to replace Jamo.

Holmes is awesome.

He is going to be heavily criticized by many for this draft, because it’s not as clear as to what we should do once you get outside of cornerback

People will complain until we win the Super Bowl… And then they won’t know what to think… Until they start complaining again the next off-season

Love it.

As long as we are being silly, Jamo & a #1 for Maxx Crosby.

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Houston and #29 for Maxx