Do We Use The Cap Space

So all of these recent signings have barely taken any cap space as most have been for close to the minimum. We are still sitting at like 23mil. The draft picks might take up 4mil or so of that space leaving us for at least 18mil to play with. Do we make any big signings after the draft when it doesn’t affect comp picks?

Jadeveon Clowney, Richard Sherman, Mitchel Schwartz, Trai Turner, KJ Wright, Melvin Ingram, Alejandro Villanueva, Aldon Smith, Brian Poole, Steven Nelson, Casey Hayward, and Justin Houston are among the top free agents left on the market that could fit this team. Are any of these guys potential fits. Are we just going to carry over most of the cap space into 2022?

I personally think Brian Poole, Mitchell Schwartz, and KJ Wright would be nice veteran adds. I highly doubt Poole lands more then 3mil, KJ Wright more then 4mil, and Schwartz more then 7mil.

1st… lets throw this out there.
Schwartz and Turner were cut by previous team… so they don’t factor in the comp pick formula.
I think that is a very real priority for Holmes.

Therefore… I don’t see the Lions signing any players that affects the comp picks… but we might see some movement in May after the deadline passes for the comp pick process.

Seems like a lot of teams are being patient this year.
Has been a slow “2nd wave” of free agency.

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I truly don’t think they care as much about the comp picks as being insinuated.

We need starters. We need role players. We need pro bowlers…

The key? Don’t pay role players like starters- see Big V, and don’t pay starters like pro bowlers- see J Collins…

I see FS as a spot to take a flier on with Tre Boston or a 3rd rd pick… I don’t count on a sure solution, but those are high upside cheap darts…

I just see RT and or RG as easy solutions… heavy talent, ideally draft slots for tier 1 or 2…

Same with OLB

I do think we spend most of it. Maybe have some carry over.

Few teams have the cam room to even sign their rookies so there’s more cuts, trades and restructuring coming for most teams.

Teams like the Lions cap to be real players if they choose to be. I suspect post draft and during the draft there will be some player trades. I think there’s a strong possibility we have a trade in the works and are holding out for that to hopefully come to fruition.

I wouldn’t be surprise to see us do a trade down and pick up a solid role player or a starting caliber player ($2M-$8M per year).

i.e. Trade #7 for #10 and a player or #41 for #52 and a player

Smart move by the Lions to have the cap space available if need be (If a team doesn’t have $8M in cap space on draft day, they can’t do a last minute trade that includes a player making $8M). Also could be used with post draft cuts or extend Ragnow or you just roll it over and are in the same spot as you were before restructuring Goff. The Lions are just prepared for anything that comes up.


Great minds think alike.

I suspect we have something on the burner. Or have had the talks and are prepared for it.

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Paying Ragnow I hope w some of that


they will but don’t have to rush they can keep him 2022 by using the first round player extension so he can’t go anywhere until 2023 but i expect they extend him maybe even before camp.

I don’t think 41 is in play. 7 for sure, but not 41 unless it’s moving only a handful of spots.
Just my opinion based on the talent in this year’s draft.

The Lions estimated rookie draft pool is $9,264,765.

Each draft pick signed will be replacing a current player that costs about $850K. So when we sign all of our draft picks, we’ll need about $4.3M of cap space.


I would love to pay Ragnow, but they are going to pick up his option and then maybe extend him. Won’t change his salary for this year and they won’t rip it up and lose this cheap year and a slightly cheaper option year.

I think they wanted to go into the draft plugging most of their “needs”. I think they have done a pretty good job at that and are going into the draft with an open mind. Holmes has said he loves the safety depth. I would expect at least one safety, one LBer, and one WR early. I think after the draft they will re evaluate the roster and pick through free agency to fill out what they missed in the draft. Also like someone mentioned there will probably be a few more players available as teams make cuts after the draft.