Do you blame Stafford for the 2018 poor season?

I think his mind was all over the place with Kelly being diagnosed with a brain tumor…and worrying about her during games and his injuries , plus in a way…I don’t think he cared for Jim Bob Cooter much …but was forced to play the way the OC wanted and then, first-time head coach in Patricia…combined with Other players’ injuries, to hurt our production.

Matt was to blame to, he knew better than to make half those throws into coverage at risk of INT’s…Stafford was sloppy himself and it showed. There is no way in hell that I think his head was completely in games until later in the season when he found out Kelly would be fine. but even then…Jim Bob Cooter was in over his head and was more of a burden to the offense than a helping , guiding …hand. And IMO, It didn’t help having a first-time HC.

I think Stafford didn’t have the time and space to throw and he had crap to throw to, plus once KeJo was gone he didn’t have a dependable running game. It ain’t rocket science - given time to throw and open receivers, he’ll get the job done. Take away a QB’s weapons and pound his ass every week, and then wonder why the Lions are losing games.

Terrible OC
OL full of 2nd stringers, (even the starters were not good)
No TEs
Tate, Jones, Jones were unavailable, so he was throwing to options 4, 5, 6, & 7
RBs were all hurt, so no semblance of a run game.
Broken back

There were times when Matt and 2 OL were the only starters on teh field. Ridiculous situation.

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