Do you think head coach fitness nowadays matters?

Bill bellchik, Josh McDaniel , Sean Payton all looked horrible , andy Reid is struggling this year. Best fit shanahan,McDermott , Campbell all looking good . Mike McCarthy is going to lose soon . I feel like head coaches can keep their fitness with everything they have in the facility ,but the one fails to do so are lazy and will not win the big one in the modern day football


Interesting thought process

Antonio Pierce and Dameco Ryans too
Harbaugh is no slouch

Leading by example never hurts. It’s a plus for sure.


Mental or physical fitness with Harbaugh? Sometimes his facial expression looks like he has been zapped by a space invader when answering media questions.

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6 of the last 7 Super Bowls have been won by….

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I was thinking John Harbaugh

Yes Jim is weird

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I remember you doing this when fat Andy beat Shannahan.

There have been great fit coaches, there have been great slob coaches.


I’m wondering how much an influencing factor having a bald coach has.

Jets on one end of the spectrum, with Texans on other.

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If there’s a dumb topic, he’s posted it

Work life balance

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Different scenario . Need to respect body first ,body is the second god. I can bet the fit head coaches wake up early in the morning and do yoga

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@espnbaby I like your posts keep posting


Will do😁

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All I know is MCDC is jacked!


I miss the old drunken haiku format

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Brown don’t deserve any mercy trading fur Watson.crap performance today

With the hours these guys pull… I’d definitely think being fit and healthy would help.

I mean you really can’t be in better shape than Andy Reid… dude is a physical specimen.

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That’s the Kool Aid man bruh

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Andy is the only guy who won’t be cold tonight.