Do you think we are 'set' at WR?

IMO, we have Kenny Golladay , Marvin jones , and Danny Amendola as our top 3 . Now in my view we certainly can use a legit # 4 because injuries happen all the time.

and I don’t think of WR group as complete or solid without another durable and soft-handed guy that CAN get separation there.

TJ Jones is out there. :rofl:

IMO, wideout is one of our thinnest positions.

Well, we did invest pretty heavily in TE hands. I think WRs will get fewer targets than they’re used to because of that and the increased rushing, I’m not worried about the WR position.

No more JBC ball.

WR is a different…….than TE. I don’t worry about TE…best we have had in a long time, but WR is different when you have three of them and 2 already had injuries. To me that screams that you NEED…not want, NEED a reliable solid, 4th WR .

you play around and take risks you get burnt eventually. In this sport, much more quickly.

Golladay is a rising star, reminds me of a young Terrell Owens (without the ego), MJ is a decent #2, and Amendola seems pretty good for an older dude…as a whole, I’d say they aren’t bad but yeah, if ANY of them get hurt or wear-down, there’s nothing behind them.

Fulgham looks like he could develop into a decent WR but really he should be on the PS, Lacy had 3 receptions all preseason and should be on the PS.
I was always hard on Powell because people declared him Tate’s replacement but he was probably our best backup WR.

yeah…I’m not that big on Powell either…we’ll see what Quin & Patricia do…

Do you realize how bad you have to be when a team that is going to be starting what is effectively their 4th and 5th WRs as their #1 and #2 to open the season…and you can’t even make the squad? it essentially means they don’t even see him as the 6th, 7th or 8th best WR on their roster. Just…wow.

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Quinn might do a trade for a WR, or poach one off someone else’s PS. But I don’t see the Lions as that desperate. Yet.

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Maybe it’d be easier to afford a better #4 receiver if we weren’t paying 15%+ of the cap to the QB?

I’m not saying it is, but I hope you’re not preemptively creating an excuse for said QB…

There are enough players to throw to.

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Show me a team that you think is totally set 4 deep.

If we lose WRs, we can throw to TEs or backs.

Or we could just run the ball more.

Or, since #4 WRs are a dime a dozen, we can find plenty if our starters get hurt.

I wouldn’t be worried about it. Lacy and Fulgham are good development guys and we’re fine keeping them on active.

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Yeah because we’re such a good running team. LOL

I get most teams aren’t set 4 deep but Amendola would probably be a #4 on most other teams .

We might become one if we actually do it more often than one every 5 plays and of those, 75% are from shotgun…

I did see that he was injured in an article and then he was cut. TJ has always been a finge NFL WR but he hung on here forever.

For now, yes we are set IMHO. As the trade deadline approaches and if the Lions are in contention for the division ad the playoffs, then it’s possible Quinn will bring somebody in from another team. Could happen before then too, but most teams won’t dump somebody decent until they’re pretty much out of it.