Does anyone remember the last time…

Does anyone remember the last time the lions had a top ten offense and defense in the same season? Did it happen in 2014? If so when before? I think we have a great chance at it this year. Especially if another pass rusher or two steps up. I’d love to see Davenport have his career year.


They were nowhere near top 10 in 2014 on offense if i remember correctly.


They were 12th in passing and like 24th in rushing
So call it 16th over all offense

Defense they were 12th in passing
1st in rushing call it 7th.

I think the lions will have a top 5 offense and hopefully a middle of the pack defense

They were the #2 defense in 2014


If we had the offensive line we have now we would have been.

I know the Lions had a top 5 defense in 2014. The only time they’ve had one at least since 1990.

Can we get the season to start tomorrow?

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I may need to stay off this site for a month just to slow myself down

September is a loooooong way off

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In 1990 the Lions were dead last in the league for defense

What do folks consider when ranking either Offense or Defense? Scoring or Yards?

Naw i like summer.


Total defense

You mean like DVOA? Can you provide a link that shows a total defense ranking. Just curious what it encompasses.

2019 we were 31st and 2020 we were dead last. Patricia’s genius hard at work. What an asshole.

Second in points scored. 347 24.8 ppg
Second in points allowed. 202. 14.4 ppg


I consider both. And I try to understand a teams situation to decide how much weight to put into each. So I try not to look at a number in a vacuum without context. How well did the offense move the ball and score? How often did they turn the ball over? How many of the points and yards were in “garbage time?”

Without context and only the scoring and yards to go by…gun to my head…I put more weight in points.

DVOA is more predictive of team success rather than points or yards.

remember the Lions teem that year like it was yesterday.
1970 and 2023 teams were the best two Lions teams since I started watching them. Of course I started in like 1964, after they just had a decade of greatness.

I agree Jersey. That '70 team was the best Lions team that I saw until the 2023 version.
In my opinion, the they were better than the 1991 team, and all the 2011, '14, '16 Stafford lead teams. Mainly because of the defense.
3 future HOFers on defense, 1 on offense.

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Offense and Defense rankings from the top 10 teams last season.
Looking at Yards. TDs. First downs and passer rating

If the lions can just get a top half defense they will be killer!

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