Does Goff mean we change our WR "flavor"

Matty was thr cannon arm tight window fun and gun King. He could throw guys open, put it on a rope and let fellas like Calvin, Marvin and Kenny go up and get it, or put it out in front of Marvin Hall and the rest and let them run under it. Fun times.

Goff is not that guy.

His talent is accuracy on shoet/medium throws.

We absolutely need a deep threat, but are we going to see a shift in the personnel to emphasize short field quickness and YAC?

Tyreek does both, but are we looking at a return to Burleson/Tate like guys with our Complete Makeover of our WR corps?

My guess is yes, and we should be looking out for a very Cooper Kupp like guy in FA or mid rounds, in addition to still a very good chance that we go WR at 7OA.

See! The “Weaponz” argument really never goes away!

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Maybe we are looking much harder at Josh Reynolds and Curtis Samuel in free agency? Maybe harder at Rondale Moore and K. Toney in the draft? Good point.


I’m getting the feeling that people don’t understand who Goff is and why he became the #1 overall pick. Goff has a big arm. There are highlights of Goff launching it from his own 20-30 yard line and hitting strikes inside the other 20 yard line. Hell, he made one throw from his own 10 yard line and it was complete at the opposite 25 yard line.

If you are expecting a noodle arm QB you’ve got the wrong guy.

Fast forward to the 30 second mark to see him launch from the 10 to the opposite 25.


2 years ago something like 6 out of 10 nfl fans probably would have preferred goff to stafford. Funny how things change based on perception.

The lions got younger at qb. They didn’t lose much (if they lost anything at all) with this swap. They took advantage of a deteriorated relationship and a false narrative that goff is garbage. There are diehard Stafford fans around here that will tell you we just lost Joe Montana and picked up a scrub to replace him. If you look at the numbers and the bigger picture you might find a disagreement with that logic.

The numbers don’t lie.

The lions did great with this trade.

Time will either confirm this or I’ll be eating crow.


Even if Goff is horrible, it’s still a wonderful trade getting 2 first rounders and a 3rd. That’s more than I ever would have hoped for. And Goff has had a couple really good seasons in his young career so far.


Agree. Goff’s arm strength on deep throws is actually comparable to Stafford. His velocity however is average where Stafford’s elite. In terms of accuracy, both are comparable, above average accuracy. Goff makes the occasional poor decision. Stafford has gotten better in this area so I’d say Goff is more like Stafford a couple years back in this area.

In general, from what I’ve seen and know, Goff is a slightly more athletic version of Stafford with similar arm strength but with less overall velocity and a notch below at this point in his career in overall decision making and situational knowledge (but not much).


Lol I used all them guys in my offseason stuff all are people I like alot. Nice list

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The Rams offense did like to throw a lot of WR screens, I don’t think it’s because of Goff’s arm as much as it is their talent at WR…but yes, the Lions need more WR talent.


I’m with you on the idea that Stafford has a bigger, better arm in almost every regard. But calling Goff’s velocity “average” is what I take exception to. Goff can throw a frozen rope of a pass 30-40 yards down field like its nothing (because it is nothing to him).

I would actually like to see Goff with the current Browns team (and I hope we build something similar). Baker is holding that team back and one big problem he has is he doesn’t have the arm strength to threaten the entire field on every play. Goff has that kind of an arm.


Because of the velocity difference, there will always be certain throws that Stafford can make that Goff will never be able to…but really not a ton. And as stated, distance is a non-issue with Goff. He can launch it. In general, he’s not necessarily elite in any one category but also no glaring weaknesses. If Goff can grow a notch in his decision making and as he keeps gaining experience, he still has the opportunity to be everything you want in a franchise QB.

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As someone who’s played catch with Jared Goff - dude is huge and has a cannon if he wants to use it. Arm strength is not a problem with him.


I’d gladly accept this as true if I see it more. I’m rooting for it to be true. I’d just say that Stafford’s one elite area is in ball velocity. He’s unreal, so being average in comparison is not a knock. Hope you’re right.

Played catch with Goff!? Gotta hear this story Luke!

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Thank you. I don’t think the average fan realizes that Goff has one of the bigger arms in the NFL. If Goff fails here it won’t be because of arm strength.

I don’t want to give it away in a public setting, but I’m around celebrities because of my job occasionally. He’s a super nice guy, very laid back, very California. Not sure how that’s gonna play with MCDC biting off knee caps LOL. We’ll see. But the guy’s physical traits are the reason he went #1 overall.


So my thesis should swith to “Goff’s previous offensive scheme and a desire to have him turn the ball over less” from the big arm assumption.

I can do that. Flexibility, man. It’s cool.

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It might mesh well with MCDC. Pairing Baker Mayfield with MCDC might be a little much. I’ve always thought a HC and QB should play off of eachother and have different personalities. If your coach is a screamer you can have a more laid back QB. And if your coach is laid back, you should look for a fiery QB.

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I know people aren’t going to like it because Stafford is so loved on here, especially right now, but Goff and Stafford have a very similar profile. People are pooping on Goff’s athleticism (as if Stafford is the next Lamar Jackson or something) but Goff ran a ton of boots and similar roll out actions in McVay’s system. He can throw on the move. I personally see Stafford as better than Goff, but not by THAT much. Just me though.


The biggest fear of losing Stafford is the idea of falling back into the QB abyss. Goff isn’t Stafford but he’s a legit starting QB in the NFL.


Obviously other people in the NFL agree with us