Dolphins to release 4-time Pro Bowl CB Xavien Howard

Perhaps a guy Holmes might go after as a #2 CB?

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He didn’t have a great year last year, I guess. Would much rather have Jaylon Johnson.


That and he was headed for a base salary of $15.4M
My guess is there will be a lot of interest for his services and the price will be too rich for Holmes

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2 years in a row trending down. Was a stud in his prime though. Corners after age 30 don’t usually end well.

With that said he’s better than anything we currently have at corner


Pass, he is just a name at this point in his career.

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Is he upgrade yes or no

Probably not

It honestly depends on his market. He was an excellent CB for a long time but has struggled to stay healthy and perform recently.

If he is looking for a 1 year, 8-10mil deal I could see us in play. If you’re talking 3 years 45mil then we would likely not be players.

He is a tough to gauge, but I think he is closer to the former than the latter.

Seconded. He has declined.


Why wouldn’t we just Re-sign Moseley super cheap if we are gonna take a health risk…and notnhave that slot be our #1 but #3.

Im good with

Sutton 2
Moseley 3
Rookie 4
Lucas/Gilmore/Whoever forn5 and 6

And 1 be a big FA.

Or you use rd 1 on CB and stick him out as #2 with upside and hope.Moseley can shove Sutton to 3


Lions dont spend its going to not end well. Zero excuses not to add talent. Mosley cant stay healthy. Sutton was awful all year. GB is in the passenger seat and are about to take over the wheel. Btw their much younger then lions, and made the playoffs. Its time to grab the balls of nfl logo and f ucking spend. You can still build 4 picks in the top 100. Now im not saying him, but were SB bound.

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