Dolphins to start Josh Rosen vs Cowboys

dang it I don’t have any dallas defenders on my fantasy teams.

Maybe picking up Charlton is merely a ruse to throw off the scent of the team who is probably for the first time in NFL history, openly tanking for the top draft pick.

And Rosen has to be the unluckiest guy in the NFL right now.

Is Taco allowed to play this week? That would be frickin sweet if he is.

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I think tanking is overrated as a way to improve one’s team in the NBA, and that’s where few guys outside of the top two or three picks ever make a franchise-changing type of impact.

The NFL has impact players in every round of every draft, and drafting at the top of any draft in particular rarely has any kind of effect on the long-term prospects of a team.

I understand the baseball-like model of current players for future assets, and there’s logic to that. I don’t consider that tanking. Tanking is losing to get a better draft position, and I can’t see how that would work in the NFL. Maybe I’m getting too caught up in semantics.

So you’re saying the Colts would have been a Superbowl team even if they never drafted Peyton Manning?

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If the Dolphins were smart they’d be tanking for 2 years. Pass on a QB this draft, trade down, acquire more picks, and reload their defense and oline. Tank 2020 with Rosen at QB, then take Lawrence #1 in 2021.


Peyton Manning is literally the one exception that I could think of to this.