Dominant Pass Rush in 2022?

I know everyone has an opinion on PFF and it definitely isn’t the holy grail in player evaluation. What I do know is what I have seen on the playing field, and Charles Harris and Julian both passed the eye test when it comes to rushing the passer.

Per PFF, Charles Harris had the 20th best pass rush rating of any edge defender in the NFL. That is not elite, but is still very good. Julian Okwara in what basically amounts to his first year of seeing live action, had the 23rd best pass rush rating of any edge defender in the NFL. It is not even a little bit unreasonable to think he can take another step forward in 2022. If Romeo had enough snaps to qualify, his pass rush rating for edge defenders would have him ranked 17th. If we can re-sign Charles Harris, that would be three edge rushers ranked in the top 23 in pass rush rating. Add in someone like Aidan Hutchinson who has the chance to be an elite pass rusher in the Nick Bosa mold and this pass rush could be very dangerous. McNeil has also displayed some ability to get some pressure on the interior as the season wore on and Levi has the quickness to be very good if he can develop.

Can you imagine a pass rush when the other team is in passing situations with Hutchinson and Romeo as the DE’s with Charles Harris and Julian Okwara as the stand up rush OLB’ers. Throw in Mcneil who, after hitting the weight room up a bit this off-season, can push the pocket and take up multiple blockers on the interior and now you are cooking.

Re-sign Walker and sign Marcus Williams and pair them with this talented group of young CB’s and we have the making of a very good pass defense. I think the run defense may struggle slightly, but adding a guy like Fatukasi from the Jets and Devin Lloyd/Dean in the draft will definitely help improve that. Am I crazy to think that if we keep Glenn we could field a pretty formidable defense in 2022 with the right moves.


An elite pass rush changes everything for this defense. We got some good young DB’s already. They will look much better with a strong pass rush.

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A lot of ifs for this equation to come to fruition…but I like where your head is.

I’m still a believer in Levi. I think he has a lot to offer. Hopefully he makes a step forward in year 2.


Devin Lloyd is my favorite LB in this class. Reminds me of Fred Warner. Can do everything.


Exactly. Get Godzilla on the DL and watch how much better the entire rest of the d does, when the opposing WB is running for his life

My plan would be draft Hutch or KT at #2 then Travon Walker from Georgia with the Rams pick.screw it double down again and make this line something to fear!!

I like Walker as well and would not be upset one bit. We will have a much better idea after free agency as I think we will be quie active this year and that will plug some holes.

I don’t think we sign as many top type FA my guess is 2 an likely on the D.

They will sign some depth 1 year players but major signing expect maybe 2.
They will continue to use draft an one year deals to add depth.

I also they they will prepare to resign like Hock extension along with couple others.
Why go a spend big cap on players an then not have Cap to keep players you want an like.

I think also they will try move down with fair offer.

Hock an AO are UFA in 2023 need to extend them if you continue to add from draft you can keep the top end players you develop.
If you chase expensive FA so you win 6 or 7 games an then lose major players you have developed your into that no where circle we just came out of.

Think about it we will add 3 players this year top34 an top 100 5 players. This is without an draft pick changes.
As of now 2023 draft we have same 4 within top 100 an will have a rd four pick as of now.

Add last years draft an the UDFA we have found an few 1 year deals we found players. Now add 2022 draft with 5 in top 100 an with cap room an same in 2023 thats what we should care about.
your talking almost 15 maybe more top players all young added in 2021 2022 an 2023 heading into camp fall of 2023

Add Hock AO with extensions an Jackson The roster will be young an if we draft well talented. Yes we will miss on some all teams do.

I’ll be happy if the pass rush is just mediocre next year.

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