Don Muhlbach selected to Pro Bowl

This is all I know about Don Muhlbach

I was at that game and never in my life have I ever experience such a euphoric moment only to be followed with heartbreak just seconds later.

I remember that game exactly. That was way before DirecTV NFL ticket streaming and all that other fun stuff so I had to listen to it on the radio.I don’t know that I’ve ever gone from jumping around excited in my kitchen to throwing stuff all over the place in such a short amount of time as I did that game. Ugg the life we live is Lions fans
that being said since that moment he has been the most consistent and best at his position Lion that we’ve had. The man does his job and does it very well and this is well deserved and congratulations to him. But still that had to be the one time you screw up a snap lol

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Da Muhl is a Free Agent.

I remember that game vividly, mooch was the coach and Harrington had the flu but still played… And played well!! Such a heartbreaker

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I’d bet he signs another one year deal, but I guess we’ll see.

Mike McMahon was robbed!

I was at that game too.
We were all chanting, “we will we will rock you, we will we will…oh shit!” And a litany of words I’d be pushing my luck to use on a public forum.
The ultimate snatching of defeat from the mouth of victory.

Mike McMahon? What about poor Heisman winner Ty Detmer? He got jobbed!

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