Don’t worry about the draft pick. The Lions needed a culture change, and

I’m getting the feels.


Our HC and GM are total badassses.
10 wins next season, I’m telling ya.


I double checked the byline to see if you wrote it.


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Some of us saw the trend and culture earlier than others…

Some of us expected that trend to pay dividends earlier…

Either way, love seeing what is happening right now.

Success has not been achieved, but the mountain is being climbed. After some zig zagging, the pride looks to be making strides quickly now.


My reaction to feel-good fluff articles.

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You call that a fluff article?
Holy shit Batman

Open your eyes, we finally have a top flight coaching staff
I hope Holmes continues to hold up his end of the bargain— i think he will — he has a lot of high quality decision making support as well


Greatest 2 win coaching staff ever assembled. That’s been established already.

I don’t even really care about winning. Just fluff articles with 2 wins in December.

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That line is cute but I doubt will age well

And your using it waay too much

Enjoy yourself

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Fan boy away. I’ll reserve judgment until I see results.

Posters like you have been flapping your gums without results for 30 years.

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Like I thought
You have nothing to say
Insult away — plenty like you out there

It wasn’t in insult. It was a clear observation. You’re a fan boy and that’s okay. Nothing wrong with it.

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Awareness is an awesome character trait!! :+1::+1:

We’re all very much aware that the new sheriff in town has made this a kinder, gentler place. For me, this part gets passed over while people dwell on that.

“Draft success is usually about identifying the right prospect and developing him properly, and less so the difference between holding the first or second or third pick. That’s most true in a year like this.”

Yep, no generational talent, but a player or two that would fit some needs nicely. I’m all for getting the extra beans for the right deal but because the right deal usually involves a QB I doubt very much that one will be forthcoming. So, choose wisely. no surprises.


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Well I think with Holmes picking you better have a badass couching staff.

Great article!

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This is where I’m at…

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Honestly, throughout all the fluffy BS in that article, I really liked that small block of text as well. That’s some football wisdom if I ever heard it.

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