Done with Stafford!

I’m done defending Stafford, if we move on from him after the season …I’m all for it…unless he seriously gets his head out of his ass and fu66ing starts putting the team first and winning every game then I’ll be on the fence on him…but until then, he can kiss my @$$!

10 sacks.

I’ll leave it at that.


Maybe I am wrong but people were not getting open today and he was sacked 10 times.


I’m sure Matt would be fine with that, too! Ten years of getting your ass kicked every week has got to get old.
I’m shocked that hasn’t pulled a Kitna, yet!


I blame cooter. They gave up on the short passing game without Tate. That would have taken the pressure off Stafford. Staff ran for some hard first downs because nothing was open. They needed to replace the fast strike timing plays.

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I was getting pretty pissed at Stafford for taking some if those sacks but when they showed what was happening down field I didn’t see anyone open. It seems like the plan for replacing Tate was to not run the routes that Tate excelled at. Did Powell even get offensive snaps?

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Great question.

I expected Golladay out there in those fast strike roles with MJ, Riddick, and TJ…let KJ do his thing pairing two-RB sets with Blount…but I don’t know what JBC’s game plan was…

I’m quite confident that D. Hunter is responsible for placing Matthew’s head in his ass.

yeah after pouring millions on the O-line and they are weak asf against better teams. They are supposed to keep Matt upright and buy him the 3 seconds to do his job…delivering the ball, and they couldn’t do that today. just that Stafford is too inconsistent one week he looks top 3 next he looks like the 12th ….been this way for ten years.

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I don’t think he knows either…

I think this will be the last year for JBC. However, I’ve been really perplexed with Stafford’s play this year. He just looks uncomfortable all season…not just this game.

9 men in the box ready to run blitz on an obvious run down and formation, stafford goes forward looking like an audible and we…run the ball. get shut down.

this offense is 100% on stafford because of his begging to keep jbc. they work well together. maybe JBC just has this silky voice that matt loves in his helmet for every play.

OL was hot garbage yesterday. If the line had played at some what decent, then I could blame Stafford more. I didn’t see the receivers getting open much. I think for some reason the Vikings were really up for this game. There was a point when all the players had their kids and parents on the field, they all seemed to be playing with a lot more emotion than the Lions players.

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Not that I’m one to put too much stock into the “emotional” part of the game, it’s pretty easy to imagine that the Tate trade went over like a lead balloon in the locker room. Players don’t give two craps about magic beans or the future. That couldn’t be a plus for the morale of the team.

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