Double Nut Shot?

New plan, guys. We’ve found the formula for getting Aaron Rodgers to throw interceptions. Let’s make this happen.


Ahh yes, the old Aron Rodg-shambo defensive scheme…I like it, get to crackin boys!

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Suh was onto something :wink:
Rodgers energy has shifted, lately.

Unrelated note, sure do hope we can pummel his soul, on Monday night


But don’t you have to have nu…s to? Oh never mind.


Just put Jack Fox in there on defense, and…

Kick Groin GIF by Idiocracy



I know, right? What are they doing, saving Fox for Playoffs? Get that bad MF’r in there!

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@Phunnypharm - A screenshot of the gif site? C’mon, man, you’re better than that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I got lazy… but…

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So I am not sure he was clear enough - We need more clarification to deploy the proper defense:

What does he mean by double shot?

Does this mean he was hit in both nuts at the same time?
Does it mean he was hit in both nuts, twice?
Was he hit in the blind side nut and then the weakside nut?
Or was it weak side nut and then blind side nut?
Is he saying if he was only hit in the nuts once he would not have thrown an interception?
Is he saying if he had only been hit in one nut he would not have thrown an interception?

Once we have analyzed film and determined the answers we know which defense to deploy:

1 - Fox nut drop Kick
2 - middle linebacker nutshot x 2
3 - Blind side nsx1 + weakside nsx1
4 - Weakside nsx1+ blindshot nutshot nsx1
5 - Blindsidex1,weaksidex1,middle LB x2 plus Fox drop kick JUST BECAUSE defense (my personal favorite because I love aggressive defense)

We can call this the GOANAD defense series - Go After Nuts and Destroy. Our preferred defense against the Packers.


the nut job dancing GIF by The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature

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or his cahonies… :rofl:

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You were totally onto something!!!

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I think we need to analyze the film to determine the most effective delivery


Also, why did it take teams so long to figure this out?

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This is an excellent point. Why has no defensive genius coach figured out that racking the opposing QB in the bean bag might yield some advantage?

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I’m surprised Aikman’s jaw didn’t protect them.


Hahaha. Well played.

You don’t even have to sack him. You just gotta get close enough to his sack