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Hypothetically, Lions are going to draft a CB and OL in the draft first two rounds

Would you rather it be:

  • Kingsley Suamataia OL then get CB Green/Melton
  • Kool Aid Mckinstry CB then get OL Kiran Amegadjie
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I like Kool-Aid more than Green or Melton and I have Kingsley and Kiran pretty close.

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Thanks for feedback

If this poll also had Latu then Green/Melton, I would have gone with that one.


Latu playing OL now too???


I know you just wanted to do the OL/CB poll, but we can definitely wait until 73 to go OL.

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If we went Latu, CB, and OL in our first 3 rounds I would be ecstatic.

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I just can’t get on board with Melton or Green at 61. I’d consider them at 73, maybe. Idk, despite his age I’d even go Khyree at 61 over those two. I’m just not a fan of the value of the guys I have in the 2nd/3rd round grade at CB. I think there are better players at other positions at that point in the draft.


I think this is fair. if it was Kinglsey then Kyree would it change your opinion instead of Melton/Green?

For me pesonally my dream draft is:

Iowa + Bama combo again.

Dejean & Braswell 1-2

Trade down #73 … get a WR & another DB/OL


No, but I’d at least think about it!

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Is this how the Oline market is going to play out regarding what might be available round one vs round two?

I doubt Kinglsey is gonna be there round 2 when we pick… so if you want him you gotta take him round 1. (or trade down then take him like Gibby)

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Khyree has better tape imo, but he’s just so old (for a prospect). There was some metric that came out recently… I can’t remember if it was all pro or all star appearances or PFF grades or what, but whatever it was, there was a precipitous drop-off at CB after the age of 27. Since Jackson’s turning 25 before this season, he’ll really have to hit the ground running unless he’s an outlier (and you know how I feel about betting on outliers).

I’m a huge Green fan so I’d love him there, and I’d be fine with Melton though he wouldn’t be my first choice.

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Cooper is at the top of my board above Latu. I just don’t expect them to fall to that spot.

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I would not take Kingsley or Kool Aid in the first round.

Not a fan of either of the O-Line choices so just can’t vote. IMO the Lions need interior OL and both of your guys are OTs. If the Lions are looking at OTs I expect them to get one in the 3rd or next year, not this year.

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This is a tough thing to plant my flag on. If Iowa is there and BH takes Kool-Aid I am just going to be happy and assume Brad knows more than me. Multiply this times every player and I am just going to be satisfied with whatever we get in the draft.

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Need like a late round prospect, project, or experiment. Someone that’s a freak.

5 year felon or 400 pounds.

JPJ, Barton, Kool Aid, Fautanu, Q, B Thomas, B Young- that is my full list of guys who could be there and fit at #29

Frazier, J Morgan, Kingsley, B Fiske, Leggett, Tampa are guys I wouldn’t hate if we traded into round 2, and scored our 3rd back.

Leggett, Polk, Cole Bishop, R Ohorhoro, K Jenkins, C Beebe, B Trice are guys I’d like in our current round 2 slot

Green, Melton, Jarrian Jones, B Rice, C Mahogany, D Puni all guys I don’t mind in 3