Draft prediction as of today and changes

Draft setting for the Lions. This is a projection for the end of the season. Our projection is 4 wins and ending up drafting 5th seed.

Currently as of today, here our the percentages for the top eight seeds. todays we are most likely 4th, but projection wise 5th…

#1 <1% same
#2 2% 7%
#3 11%. 18%
#4 16%. 13%
#5 15%. 13%
#6 14%. 12%
#7 11%. 7%
#8 10%. 7%


I love this stuff. Good work. The #5 pick may have some real trade down value. Perhaps we add another high end pick. I’d love to have 3 choices in the first 45 picks. I’d also love to have someone other than Quinn making said choices, but I digress.


Sadly I just looked again and realized that the Lions became the first NCF team to officially be eliminated… the other 2-9 teams are still mathematically alive for the division at less than 1% :cry:

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Misery loves company

So what guard are we drafting at 5? lol


I doubt Muhlbach plays another year – we’re probably looking at finding another franchise long snapper.


If he is like nelson in indy i am all for a
Guard at 5.

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He’s something. Instant identity for that whole team.

Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin

BPA . I am not getting caught up in the mock draft frenzy next year. It has been proven to be pointless in predicting how Quinn drafts.

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Here is a oddsad note as of today at 2200 hrs!!

The Bears are officially eliminated from being able to draft the #1 spot?!

Only 15 teams are still mathematically alive for the #1 draft pick… and yes, we are still one of them :cry:

The saint can’t! Pick any night then the 21st spot as of today… they are eliminated from picks 1-20 already?!

The board would react very calmly to such a pick. :lying_face:


Looking at the changes on the OP I just updated for this week, we are now , at if today, most likely picking 3rd?! But still projected to pick 5th at the end of the season…

77% of all draft pick possibilities are in these 8 top picks…

We would have to win out and others loose to move to 7-10 pick…

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