Draft questions

I’m not sure what number we start to pick from, but IMO we aren’t going to do a hell of a lot of good with 5 picks, I think we need more.
This raises another question----how do we get the best result? By trades/players we lose or by trading down from our original spot in the draft.

that brings me to total money to draft with, because we have a few players to pay yet .

here’s the thing to: we need WR’s , A-QB , LB’s, DT, DE, O-line help , possibly an RB , and I might be missing another position of great need… anyway your not doing much of anything with 5 picks.

I’ve been pondering this myself. I think alot of it will be determined by the amount of salary cap shrinkage. I’ve heard figures anywhere from 175 to 195.

The Eagles are screwed no matter what, and most of their roster will be cut so they can get under the cap. At lower figures, the Rams could be headed down that path as well.

This has a significant bearing on what the free agent market will look like if there’s a massive amount of free agents flooding the market and driving the prices down coupled with less money that teams will have to spend.

This will make trades for draft capital more difficult. If you package up some guys that are on their rookie deals, and cost controlled, like say Tavai, Kerryon Johnson, and Bryant maybe you could get a 4th and a couple low round picks out of the deal, but it would need to be with a team that has draft capital to burn and has desperate need for some type of help from guys that have been around a couple years, like the teams that need to purge to get under.

That gets you up to eight picks, but is it worth it?


If the team can trade down during the draft & get an extra pick or 2, things will look much better. 6 or picks is a lot better than 5. Also they’ll fill some holes in free agency & that’ll impact what they do in the draft.

again. That depends on our money situation , how it all plays out by trading players and paying contracts that we owe, and if we pay those to a certain player or release him first…It’ll be interesting, but I think we are going to have to be thrifty with our spending.

I’d be happy if they just drafted a starter in the 2nd round that could actually stay on the field. I don’t care what position, I’m just desperate for a success in the 2nd.

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Swift was our once every 7 years 2nd round hit. We’re going to have to wait for that.

We hope.

Excellent post, TC. With that in mind, its really NOT the year to try to trade for draft choices. Instead, the new GM’s most important moves will be selecting wisely from the free-agents that will likley be under-priced for a change.

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If we can get 6th for Tavai they should take it. Maybe Quinn will get a job somewhere…

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