Draft Simulator

What draft simulators are the best who do you use for most real like results

My fav…

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PFF is definitely the best!

I think PFF is the most fun once you include the trading but I think this one is pretty good too. Can’t trade unless you have the premium service tho

Mock Draft Machine | The Draft Network

I just did a 2 round mock.

Sewell @ 7 and WR Dyami Brown @ 41. That would set the offense up really well moving forward. The rest of the draft would need to be all defense.


Damn, wish I hadn’t seen this, spent the last hour doing drafts. Very nice site to play on…

I haven’t researched these guys but just selected on value with a few tradses.

Like this one better with getting 2 quality LB’s, plus good WR help.

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Here are your options. If you want to play with all of them.



I’ve been using The Draft Network’s. It suits my purposes.

I but the deft preview magazines…those thing provide a good outlet from the wife😂

I use this one. Free, has trading and fast mode.


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PFF can be ridiculous in their trades. I’ve gotten Denver to give up every single draft pick for three seasons to move up to 7.

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So do I. It takes longer but I think you get a more realistic draft if you go Slow. Take longer though, so I usually only run the 1st 3 rounds.

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How crazy would it be to have 4 first round picks in 2022? :joy:

PFN has their 2022 draft simulator up. The '21 draft was so 10 minutes ago

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