Draft Surprise…

I am going on record as banging the table for Travon Walker at #2…. I think he’s the best NFL prospect in this draft that plays a position of high value…

  1. He played rotational DT his first 2 years at GA… with Wyatt and J Davis in the fold, he chose to drop from 290 down to 275 to get more snaps. He was a 4 star recruit ranked 34 Nationally and Bama wanted him. 2 years of 25-30% snap share, did he transfer? Nope he leaned up and played 3 different roles on a Championship team.

  2. At 6’5” and 275 he’s faster than Kyle Hamilton, N Dean, and Treylon Burks!!! His heavy hands remind me of JJ Watt… Watt had 7.5 sacks coming out as a senior….

  3. FWIW- a few stat sites have him with 9.5 sacks last year. Hard to say which number is accurate, but between he, Wyatt, Walker, Tindall, Dean, Anderson etc…. Maybe 6, 9, in between…. Either way it was on a 50% snap share, and even then nearly half his snaps were run stuffing as a DT…

  4. You can’t teach, power, burst (1.62 10), or length 35.5 arms…

  5. When you consider he eclipsed Dean in the LB drills at 275, and then moved like a WR in the DL drills at the pro day…. ???

Here is the absolute why-

Walker Levi/Brockers McNeill/Penisini Romeo

  • That’s your 4 man front- with Harris rotating and JO playing SLB

    Walker McNeill Levi/Brockers

Harris/Bryant Romeo/Julian

  • that’s your base 3-4 with Walker in the Stephen Tuitt rush edge role

         Levi/Brockers          McNeill     ???

Romeo JO ??? Walker

Having a 275 pound monster with 4.51 speed who can rush, eat doubles inside, set the edge, and drop?

He’s the player that completes our front 7 in any formation.


You don’t think Walker would be the 3-tech opposite Levi?

To me, he seems like he’d be great in the Aaron Donald type of DT pass rush role, versus being a pure edge rusher.

That also lets you keep Romeo, Charles Harris, and Walker on the field on passing downs, all going after the passer, with whatever Levi turns into.

I agree with you that I would be happy if we picked him at 2. He and Kayvon are my 2a/2b right now behind Hutch, but I don’t think he’s going to be there.

Well, Shepard ran the drills yesterday at UGA and Spielman was also front and center there so they should have a good feel. Plus seeing and coaching a couple of the UGA guys at the senior bowl and I think Lions will go after one of those three LB for certain…at least I hope they do.

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You have me thinking of an NFL comparison…Justin Tuck. We could kick Walker down to DT and run the nascar package like the Giants used to do.


Wow!!! That was an incredible pull and elite level comparison, though I think Walker is stronger and faster. Maybe not as naturally instinctive as Tuck knew how to wiggle his 265 pound arse.

So I see him as the 5 tech edge in a 3 man front flanking McNeill with Levi on the other side as the 3 tech.

I see him as a RDE/LDE whose power and speed combo is similar to J Peppers (at least in drills with a stop watch). In 4 man fronts he plays opposite Romeo who can play with his hand in the dirt.

I also see him roaming in 3 DL (Levi, McNeill, Brockers) and 3 LB sets (JO, Anzalone, Harris)

I’d also like to say I called this…

Back in January


I wouldn’t have thought so. The Zierlein summary of him isn’t very flattering. It’s weird because McGinist highlighted him in some of the DL coverage drills as being more familiar and comfortable out there than some of the straight DE types. Still, I read Zierlein and envision Hand.

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There’s tape of him at Georgia dropping into coverage from a 5 tech and I think I saw some 3 tech drops.

He’s not the best coverage guy ever, but what do you expect from a D lineman? He’s at least athletic enough to do it.

He had excellent measurables at the combine, but if your scouting report doesn’t include “excellent get-off”, I lose interest real quickly.

I feel like he would be a Flowers type player, not a 3-tech necessarily. Some Patriot-tree team will covet him.


So I am on record for saying KT isn’t a bad consolation prize at 2. I can still stand by that. But this guy may be a better “fit” when all is said and done.

I won’t cry if we get him. I still think Hutch is 1 and you take him if he is there. But if he isn’t, I have become very flexible with the #2 pick. But we still need a difference maker out of the pick.

This draft is dying to give us….

T Walker - immediately the best athlete on our team!

An off ball LBer- Lloyd, Q Walker, D Clark, C Harris, C Muma, L Chenal, B Asamoah, C Tindall…pick your guy…. I’m passing on Ernie Sims- I mean Dean

Any flavor of WR-

S Moore , Wandale,or Dotson?
Pickens, Watson, Tolbert?
Shakir, Metchie, Olave?
Bell, London, Ross?

And a DL with some rush to him…

Wyatt, T Jones, P Mathis, L Hall, P Winfrey

T Walker

Brisker or Cine

T Jones, Wyatt, Winfrey, Mathis

J Tolbert or S Moore or C Watson


Then give me Vanderesch and J Peppers in free agency.


That were I think that’s were he plays and will be most effective. And it’s one of the biggest holes on this team. Sense we resigned sign Harris and get Oky back. And inside pass rusher is what we lack most on that side with safety being close. So I’ve been warming up to him

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If we signed Peppers hell I would be happy with FAs, Chark and him would help with 2 of the biggest needs. And the resigns I could live with that and a good draft.

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Flowers had 4.93speed and a 4th round grade. He’s 6’2” with a bad 10 yard split.

Flowers is a really nice football player when healthy. A 5-8 sacks on a good team guy with versatility and few flaws.

First step explosion jumps off the page. Sacks and TFL in wins vs Bama and Michigan. 4-5 star recruit with elite length and athleticism. College basketball star

Where is the flowers and hand comps coming from?

He’s bigger, stronger, faster and longer than hutch or Thibz?

“Length”, “Run Defender”, “not great get-off”.

With his athleticism that sounds like a good, versatile player in a read and react defense, used similarly to how we’ve seen Flowers used in NE and here.


Funny that Thibz lined up across the street to gain an angle on PAC LTs… rushed every down and got 7 sacks.

Walker was asked to eat blocks and move the pocket, he did. He also managed 6-9 sacks (depending on site) while rushing only 50%of the total 50% snaps he played.

Think of him in the WAR context. He’s the FF RB that gets you 20 points when he plays, but missed 6 games. However you get to start your RB3 those weeks and still get 10-12 points.

Compare that to the guy who plays all weeks and gets 14 points a week….

Walker does damage when on the field on a loaded roster.

Thinz pouted and left after his 4.58 at 250. Walker stayed and looked like a first round MLB in drills at 275.

Core/Functional Strength: Walker is a powerful player at the point of attack, displaying knock-back power at the line of scrimmage. In both phases of the game, Walker uses his strength and power to his advantage. As a pass rusher, he displays excellent bull rush, long arm, and speed-to-power. In the running game, he sets a firm edge and also knocks back blockers to disrupt the mesh point.

Two players at the top of the draft going against each other… Good breakdown if you’re a technique junkie

I still think Nakobe Dean is the best football player of the bunch :man_shrugging:

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Lateral Mobility: An outstanding overall athlete, Walker displays excellent lateral mobility. He is quick to cross the lineman’s face and his ability to jump gaps is very impressive. He is quick, agile, and very light on his feet. He is often asked to drop into coverage, where he shows great ability to play in space for a player his size.