Draft talk

Well it wouldn’t be too soon in my eyes to start some talk on the draft.I know there are a ton of variables from now till the end of April but 1 thing we do know is this years draft is shaping up to be a real strong top 10 with 4 QBs possibly taken.I cant help but think Lawrence and Fields are going 1-2 and more than likely to the Jets and Jags.That leaves Zach Wilson BYU and Trey Lance from ND both these guys are exactly what I want in the next Lions QB athletic with a great deep ball and have some moxy on the field.If you haven’t seen any tape on Wilson do yourself a favor and check the kid out he can flat spin it and is fast.Next would Parsons LB Penn St and Roussou DE Miami they are both blue chip prospects at a position of need for the Lions and would play immediately.If the Lions pick closer to 10 than 5 then I feel La mar Case WR LSU or Waddle Alabama would be great options.This to me is going to be one of the funniest off season in a longtime for the Lions.Look forward to hearing everyone’s outlook on the draft.

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Should have put in there I expect the Lions to draft between 5-10.

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Good draft zone here…

I’ll try to post percentages after tonight’s game …

way too early for me, I’ll get into it in Febuary or March.

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How about another DB that can’t run with receivers. :grimacing:

It almost has to be QB, DL, WR in the first three, right?

How about physical, durable, fast players, that have had success against good teams. Is that too much to ask?

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I’d go QB, front 7 somewhere, and WR, and then maybe a O-lineman and then another front 7 player with our 5 picks and call it a good positional draft.

We’re at 9 right now. Assuming we lose out, the Panthers’ bye gets us to 8 by itself. I see 4 or 5 as a good possibility.

Tankathon also has us taking Rousseau at 9 right now and that’s something I don’t think anyone would complain about.

That guy won’t last past 5, no matter what the order is.

No way.
The Lions are going to crush the Bears next week. It won’t even be close. I also expect them to beat either Minnesota or Green Bay or both

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The top 3 seems locked in assuming that Cincy finishes 3rd. Lawrence, Fields, Sewell.

4th is a complete toss up depending on who finishes 4th and it’s a wild race between 4-12 or so. A QB needy team might take Wilson or Lance, otherwise I see Parsons (my guy) going there. Hopefully Surtain gets taken high so one of Parsons or Rousseau drops to the Lions. This draft is MUCH better than last year’s draft at the top for non QB needs.

The Lions will be in position to pick a top Olineman.

After Sewell, I see a massive drop off for O-line as far as trying to get a top tier guy. Leatherwood might get taken by someone reaching but other than that, the value isn’t there IMO.

Don’t count out Trask or Mac Jones being 1st rd picks…but I reckon if they don’t go in the first 15 picks, one of them may be sitting there in 2nd rd, but not sure the Lions can take that chance; all depends on what the GM thinks of Stafford (pending Wilson is gone by the time we pick, but my gawd, I hope not, I want him HERE).

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Rational thinking would be to take a QB in the first round.


There’s some really good TE’s in this draft

I think it’s Lance with our 1st…

Staff will be traded for a late 1st early 2nd rd pick, 49ers, cowboys, saints, colts, Steelers are possible destination.

We need speed everywhere. I like the WR kid from Purdue Rondale Moore, if he can learn vertical routes he could have a similar impact as Tyreek Hill, not sure if he’ll make it to rd 2 but I would target him around there.

After that I’d go mostly defense. Edge Rushers and LB’s mostly, i like Patrick Jones II. I’m not overly down on our secondary, I think they are still young and have potential, and it would show if our Line could get to the QB.

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Imo, Lance not playing this season may hurt his draft stock a little, which really sucks (and the only game he played this year was not very impressive). Pending he has an amazing pro-day and combine, I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t the 5th or 6th QB selected…it really depends on the new GM; the Wilson/Lance/Trask/Jones QB draft run could fall in any combo of ways.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Lance be one of the last QBs taken in the 1st if not lasting to the 2nd because of lack of film from this year and competition level at NDSU. Dream draft, we take Parsons in the 1st and Lance slides to us in the 2nd. Call it crazy, but I can definitely see it.

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Haven’t done much diligence at this point. (Probably should…) but are there any top 10 worthy disruptive DT’s? Now that we will likely be going away from the highly effective big / fat / slow on the interior philosophy, we are woefully deficient in being able to blow up the pocket. Nick Williams is literally the best we’ve got. Many of the more successful defenses out there rely on front four pressure that actually succeeds in getting pressure. No matter how you slice it, we have exactly zero DT’s who can do that consistently on our roster right now. I thought Hand when healthy could maybe be that guy but I was proven wrong on that this season.