Drop WR idea go get Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams get him an load up on WR in draft add few more fillers for depth


I’m with you. As much as I want Robinson, a young superstar safety is more important.

Not happening just resigned walker , but Robinson seems to be still in play.

It’s not more important IMO, but I can get on board with it. I love Marcus Williams and with that Kirk contract, the idea of signing a WR is becoming :woozy_face:

Maybe we can get Peppers he should be that expensive

Now that we’ve signed Walker I think Williams is a low probability. Because both play FS.

If we sign a veteran safety I think it will be someone who is versatile and has SS ability.

I’m thinking Whitehead, Peppers, Reid. or maybe a versatile player like Maye.

However it wouldn’t shock me if we waited until the draft to find a Versatile SS type. This draft has plenty of options.

Someone like Brisker, Cine, Cook, Pola-Mao, O’Neal, Corker, or Weatherford are all possibilities.

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Man is it just me or does a FS like Walker, someone who does not turn the ball over, seem so blah. It sucks because I know Walker has performed so much better as a FS, but the fact that he isn’t a ball hawking type is disappointing.


He is just a guy at the position.

He’s a solid starter. Just not the type of FS I would want. Feel like he has to be paired with an elite SS for him to make sense as your FS.

He doesn’t kill you at the position but doesn’t really impact the game in any way. He just good enough to say your ok. But not good enough to really help you win.

I actually agree with this unfortunately

The only time you notice Tracy Walker is when he is out of position. And that’s not a good thing.

He needs a plus guy playing next to him. I wouldn’t mind him and like Peppers and then draft a guy like Kerby Joseph who is real good in coverage and a playmaker.

I discount his first couple years under Fatty Matty as I don’t think players understood or bought into his defense. I will say just look at Quandre Diggs. who basically told Patricia to puck off for his ideas on playing safety. he did ok in Seattle so I will say Patricia was the problem.

Last year, with no Dline pressure and a terrible run defense he showed up. he GOT BY with very little help from his friends. (sung to the Beatles tune) We will see the contract soon but the numbers are not crazy for his skill level.

Anyone that thinks Patricia wasn’t the problem isn’t worth talking to.
It’s a waste of breath.

I think it’s the opposite here. Sign WR Robinson, draft Cine with the Rams pick. Get another speed WR with the comp pick from KG.

Yeah I agree! Patricia was certainly a waste of breadth


I think he’s in the average range. But he has the ability to be above average if he could clean up his game. But I don’t know if he will ever be a probowl level player.

Anyway you cut it he’s likely going to be a middling player for most of his career. Every team has them…. Nothing wrong with that ….But one thing about him is he has some areas he excels at. I’d also like to believe Glenn can clean up his game.


Intended pun… or not… this is hilarious. :+1:

W ell has decide even how we will play D this season I didn;t think you were part of the plan making

If by chance me play more than 2 safeties we need 3 So Williams would fit an is young an we can add a box even if Harris would be box safety now like near end of last season.

I know this is just opinions but Air yours are just opinions same as mine.

We sign Williams an add one safety in draft we are solid .

Toy can add WR later without spending huge. Players by Wednesday will be released teams must be at cap or lower by Wednesday.

Now i could be wrong about 3 safety D but the HC an DC came from a 3 safety team an they opening said they will play based on are roster or did you forget that>?

Sign Williams an get cheaper WR like Pringle or gage that type now that teams have blown there Cap

Its not done a long way to go but why do you always post as if you know exactly what they are doing ?
You have a hard time admitting when you do guess wrong but hey we all are wrong sometimes even ME ! :grinning: