Eagles Cap Gymnastics?

I was honestly thinking the Eagles could be in position to try to move up the draft order as they really need a dominant pass rusher and I could see them being interested in Thibs or Hutch. They are a very young team with a rookie QB contract and are playing pretty well so thought they could afford to give up their extra picks for that missing piece. In looking into their cap situation I noticed something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

They have so many guys they have re-signed where they have pushed tons of cap space into future voidable years. Now I have seen this done before on a few players, but never at this scale. They have over 16mil in dead cap space committed to players in 2026. About 30mil in dead space in 2025, another 27mil in 2024, another 27mil in 2023, and another 18mil in 2022. Thats a total of almost 120mil in cap space that is committed to future seasons. That to me is a crazy amount.

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I believe Wentz played enough for them to get a first round pick out of that trade, right?

Howie likes the opposite… he prefers more picks in most circumstances.

He did they now have three

If I were the Eagles I sure as hell wouldn’t draft Hutchi-bust.

Eagles are a very aggressive team and do a lot of trading in the draft under Roseman. He went up from 13 to 8 to 2 to get Wentz and also jumped 11 spots for Brandon Graham. They are willing to move or they deem a guy worthy.

In looking at their cap situation though they need to bring in multiple guys on rookie contracts and I think they may be better off keeping the picks


Wait, did you just take the third syllable of Hutchinson’s name and replace it with bust?

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Wait, did you just get butthurt by one of my posts?

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I just know you are more clever, on a normal day.

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I am always clever

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Sorry, I just think Hutch is the wrong pick.

A perfectly acceptable opinion. Maybe go with Hutchi…

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I can admit when someone comes up with something better than me. :rofl:

I will always defer to the Lizard King.

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