Eagles lose DT Tim Jernigan



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Per source, Eagles DT Tim Jernigan has a broken foot and is feared to be out for the year.

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They took an absolute beating that game

That’s both starting DTs gone for the season for them. They may be without starting LT also, although they are one of the few teams with great OL depth

Fletcher Cox is there other starting DT. Did something happen to him?

Ok… maybe it was a backup cuz I know it wasn’t fletcher. It was last week, let me look

Nope… it WAS a starting DT. Malik Jackson hurt and out for season. Jernigan was his replacement
So they are on #3 @that spot now

Depth could be an issue but as long as they have Cox they might be able to weather it. He’s the game changer, and makes it easier to play DT at the other spot.

But damn, that really is a frickin sucky situation to lose Jackson and Jernigan by week 2 of the season. And of course they traded away Bennett, and Ngata retired. According to this depth chart site, they are down to two castoffs at the DT spot opposite Cox. Ugh. https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchartpos/DT

I’m curious to see how Jeffrey and Jackson are. Calf and groin injuries can easily be aggravated so I think we may miss one or both of them. Either Jeffrey or DJax being out would be big

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The Akeem Spence revenge game in the offing.

Oh God, not Akeem Spencer! Welp, might as well chalk that one up as a loss.

Can we trade them a DL for an OL? :wink:

Some might think of this as an opportunity to run between the tackles. I see it more as a chance for Stafford to be able to have extra time in the pocket. I still don’t like our running game and would prefer that we stick to moving the ball mostly through the air.

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Well, he’s definitely out this week. I’ll take it!

Hopefully this will help us get the running game going. Something similar to at Miami last year would be tasty.