Eagles sign Julio Jones

Well, your move Brad.

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Julio Jones

Get it? Washed.


Seeing how Antonio Brown was unavailable…

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Jones is not going be killing it, but anything that lights a fire for that team is unwelcome. They are underperforming, despite their record.

1 Jones is WASHED. Wrs arnt the issue there. But what ever.

But Suh? For Vet Minimum maybe sure.
But hes not as good as he once was.
Barley 1 TFL OR QBH per game since 2018.

But he is as good as he’s ever gonna be.

Suh is the type of guy you want on the front lines come playoff time when you gotta go up against Philly, Seattle, San Fran.


I hear ya. But i dont think hes better than Paschal or Romeo.

Hed likely be better than Levi. But if they are going to sign or trade for someone id rather see someone that has a good chance to be DT 3 vs DT 5.

Suh would be rotating with Buggs for DT2

If we need a RB maybe we can trade for Justin Fields


definitely not. buggs and jones have been more productive than Suhs last 4 seasons.

Romeo and pascal are similar.

So he would be fighting for DT 4/5.
Which barring any injuries they dont need.

Id rather see a guy that would have a good snap% a good DT3.

Plus suh hasnt been training at all. Hes been in the studio all season.

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Eagles have thrown in the towel.

Pretty sure Suh had more tackles and impacted the game more in half a season last year than Benito did.

He proabbly had more tackels in the last few playoffs alone than Benito has for his career


Did they sign his hamstrings too or is that one of those batteries not included type of things?


I mean on a per game basis. Again last 4 seasons Suh averaged just over 1 impact play behind the LOS per game. sac TFL or QB hit.

And those were with pro bowlers around him.

I just dont see Suh making a bigger impact than most of the DL we already have.

Landry still out there?

Julio fell down the stairs getting off the plane.

Maybe next years Eagles.

Next few weeks you will see contenders loading up to make a run.

Julio might be old and a little washed up but he is a veteran guy with size and can still make a few plays here and there for you.

Looks like Fornete might sign with the bills.

It will be interesting to see what Brad Holmes does. I could see a trade for a mid level CB like bears Jalyon Johnson.

I would love to see Suh back as I feel he would be a good rotational guy and he always play lights out at Ford Field on that fast surface but that might just be a pipe dream at this point. He did say his phone was on. I would except him to sign some where after the trade deadline.



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