Early 1sr round draft wish

Greedy Williams. CB LSU

Teez is brutal in coverage. And Hand and Snacks takes away some of the desperation for a DT. Still need a DE but I’m getting greedy with my 1st round hope this year

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This defense is so bad that there’s not a particugroup that couldn’t use help. As long as we get a difrence maker I will be happy. A guy who’s disruptive and make plays. A guy who forces opposing teams to game plan for him.

We need that guy. A guy who help give our defense an identity.

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Josh Allen from Kentucky would be my #1 after Bosa. Both are going in the top 10 though

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Yeah I think we will wind up with 5 wins. Last year The Skins picked 13th with 5 wins

In that range Devin White ILB or Rashan Gary DL would be worth considering

Maybe they would consider more 3-4 setting Davis loose

I’m always a proponent of drafting impact Dlinemen early but I’m on the Devin White bandwagon. That dude is a monster.

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I just saw a website mock us with Deionte Thompson, S from Alabama. Guess what? I think Quin has been the biggest disappointment. He got super slow over night and he has given up some BIG runs by taking BAD angles and having NO speed to make up for it.

Seriously, our D line is bad… I wouldn’t mind a CB 2 or a LB or even a DE… but really Safety is just as important. Our group is bad. I think Greedy, Devin or Deionte would at least give us a fresh, new competitive starter to build around. I like Hand and Snacks at DT as well for now. Slay and Lawson and Diggs are fine to bring back. Jarrard Davis is okay but I was hoping to get a LB and DE on this roster next year and now I’m thinking a new safety would be fine too. Got to go D heavy once again!


NO to CB in the first… Spend the money in FA on one, draft front 7 guys early and often.

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Ed Oliver
Raekwon Davis
Greedy Williams

Devin White would be a great pick. I’d love any of Bosa, Allen or Ferrell.

I think we’ll probably pick Mid to late teens so the elite edge guys may all be gone. White likely will be as well if he tests like I think he will.

White would be a coup for sure.

White Gary or Thompson would be big fills for us. Williams would too but I fear at 13ish he is gone. Maybe not…

Yay Magic Beans!

Thompson is intriguing. Really need more range at safety though I think they have plans for Walker as a Quinn’s replacement

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